Selective Focus versus Setting Intention

One of our NEHC Academy Facebook group members asked a non-rhetorical question “So if ‘the active ingredient’ is focus, I presume in the focus is also the ‘intention’? If so, how does a ‘field’ understand what you are attempting to transmit?”
This question was in response to an article I wrote describing how it was the healer’s energy field interacting with the client’s field rather than mechanical vibration since it followed a different set of physics than the electro-magnetic radiation in energy healing. I stated my opinion that the tuning fork was a selective focus aid to maintain your focus in a specific location to interact with the field and the physical location where the energy is being produced.
I want to discuss the concept of “intention” as it is presented here in context of a form of communication and as the question referenced it an “active ingredient of focus.”
First, my understanding of Intention is usually connected to a preparatory process of “setting intention” prior to a healing technique so the energy knows what you want it to do and where you want it to go. If we are referencing the art of energy healing, then our intent is set to direct the flow of energy to a specific location in space. Based on this concept, then the true nature of Intention should actually mean “Attention” since we are referencing our focus on a specific location. In other words, energy flows where our focus goes. In my opinion, I think that the act of setting intention is un-necessary and misleading because we should always be thinking the right things, and intention setting also contradicts the concept of “energy knows where to go”. I think that the original idea of intention setting was designed as a focus tool to get the healer into the right state of mind required to narrow the field of focus and filter out any competing chatter or noise from thoughts and external signals. Essentially, a person who has reached a narrowed selective focus is truly in a state of mediation.

Second, I do not feel that setting of intention is needed in sound healing because once again the concept of mechanical vibration follows a different set up physics than electro-magnetic energy used in energy healing. Unlike the ability to change the production of electro-magnetic energy with just a thought, you cannot change the flow of mechanical vibration with thought alone. Electro-magnetic energy does not have the necessary mass to cause a soundwave to alter its course unless a volume of molecules within the travel path is heated appropriately to bend or refract the soundwave. However, this only implies that there is a change in direction flow, and it doesn’t mean there is any change to the environment where the work is being done in the human tissue of the client. So I do not think that “intention” or selective focus by the healer is needed in sound healing even with unweighted tuning forks in the air around the client.

Third, if “intention” is considered a selective focus aid, then intention is not the message or information itself. Rather, the ability to selectively focus on something or someone merely selects the dial to “connect” the communication pathway for two entities to communicate. The messages passed between the two will be automatic so each person will not be able to manipulate the message, hide things, or control the true meaning of who a person is from a spirit standpoint. I believe that we are speaking incarnated spirit to incarnated spirit rather than the ego-based human brain trying to control the message. If this is the case, there is not really a transmission but rather an ability to access and share information between to entities. I think we should all spend more time trying to control our ability to selectively focus on connecting with each other rather than controlling the message.
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