We offer a 3-day Intensive class for certification of our method. Fall classes are now open for registration, and we now have classes available throughout the world.

Vibrational ChronoTherapy. Learn how to use unweighted tuning forks for neurological conditions, stress reduction, anxiety, and emotional clearing.

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NEHC Academy

We are the training division for New Earth Healing Center LLC where we focus on two primary methods of vibrational therapy. VFRT(TM) is focused on pain relief and resolution of mobility restrictions using vibration from medical-grade weighted tuning forks. VCT(TM) uses unweighted tuning fork sets to calibrate the body’s multiple biological clocks to work in synchronization to resolved neurological conditions, stress, anxiety, and re-occurring emotions.

Our training courses, workshops, and books are the result of our own experiences with clients and data collected from therapists throughout the world using our techniques in their own businesses. Our training focuses on connecting the use of vibration from a scientific view so we can understand why the tuning forks affect various conditions in the body.

Vibrational ChronoTherapy(TM) Live Classes

Check out the training classes for unweighted tuning forks.

New Earth Reiki Live Weekend Workshops

Check out the training classes for energy healing

New Earth Singing Bowl Live Certification Classes

Check out the training classes for Tibetan-style Singing Bowls

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We communicate regularly through our Facebook Group NEHC Academy where we share our case studies, announce upcoming training, share free stuff, and answer questions about how we heal with tuning forks.

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