About Us

Bobbi Jo Weaver: Owner (NEHC)

Bobbi Jo is the owner of New Earth Healing Center LLC where she uses a variety of sound healing tools ranging from weighted and unweighted tuning forks to Tibetan-style and crystal singing bowls.

Bobbi Jo is a Master Reiki practitioner and certified Shaman working with the healing arts common with her Native American heritage.  She is also an ordained minister and believes in a spiritual approach to healing through energy connections. The Amish community refers to this type of healer as a “Pow Wow.”

Andrew Weaver: Trainer (NEHC Academy)

Andrew assists his wife, Bobbi Jo, in research and development of the Vibrational Fascia Research Technique(TM) using his underwater sound experience of a 22-year United States Navy career and a formal sound healing education in tuning forks. Andrew also used his curriculum development and training management experience to create the content and structure for NEHC Academy to bring Bobbi Jo’s technique to Therapists and Trainers throughout the world.