About Us

NEHC Trainer: Andrew Weaver

Certifications: Reiki Master, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Tai Chi Instructor

Experience: 22 years of vibration expertise in the United States Navy teaching classes in underwater acoustics, running thousands of predictive models for complex sound vibration wave travel, and operating/maintaining sound navigation and ranging equipment for submarines, ships, and fixed passive sound receivers throughout the world. Energy healer at a young age. Certified sound healer locally in Michigan by Julie Chase of Wind Willow Sound Health.

Owner of New Earth Healing Center: Bobbi Jo Weaver

Certifications: Reiki Master, Shamanism, Sound Healer

Experience: Developer of the New Earth Method of weighted tuning fork pain relief and sound healing for relaxation. Primary practitioner, owner, and operator for New Earth Healing Center LLC with offices in Hillsdale and Marshall, Michigan that recently re-located to a larger facility in Jackson, Michigan. Bobbi Jo has made several ground-breaking discoveries over the past few years within the field of vibration therapy using the weighted tuning forks for inflammation-based pain, movement rehabilitation, and recovery of both acute injuries and chronic conditions.