How does the tuning fork interact with chakras and other electro-magnetic fields?

Michele Arnold from our NEHC Academy Facebook Group asked this series of questions in response to a post I made concerning the difference between electro-magnetic and mechanical energy from tuning forks. She says “It leads me to have many more questions. like the spin cycle supposedly picked up by dowsing. Also, clearing or sweeping a “congested” chakra using a tuning fork, sweeping outward from the body. It seems similar to using hands for Pranic healing. Is anything really happening physiologically? If a chakra is said to have an electro-magnetic field stretching 6-7 inches outward from the body, would sound vibration that pushes air molecules interact? Maybe a dumb question as you have said they are two different things, but this is what energy healers aim to do as they sweep each chakra with a tuning fork? If we are looking at it from a physiologic standpoint where let’s say the solar plexus is the nerve root, and endocrine glands at spineous process levels T6-7 connected with pancreatic, liver, and stomach actions?”

First, I would like to address the elephant in the room with what I’m about to say since there are many Biofield Tuners in this group, and many of them are also VFRT certified therapists. There are also other methods which focus on using tuning forks for various techniques and methods in the body’s energy field, chakras, and meridians. Hopefully my answer does not offend anyone, and I recognize that you all use these methods to make a living and truly believe that something productive and substantial is happening as a result. Take what you need from my information, and leave anything you don’t agree with or believe behind.

I have gone on record many times with my opinion that a tuning fork mechanical vibration does not affect the energy field generated by the human body. I believe that something is happening, but not the way in which it has been presented with mechanical vibration (sound) causing an electro-magnetic wave to change the physical properties of the source producing those waves. The guiding principles between Newtonian physics outlining mechanical vibration production and travel is completely different than Einsteinian physics outlining electro-magnetic energy production and radiation travel. Any physics book or a quick Google search can back up anything that I’m saying here.

The energy produced by tuning forks are mechanical vibration waves that are created when molecules of a medium (air, water, metal, human tissue) are compressed and released at a specific rate or frequency. These are molecules with mass so they collide with each other to cause a chain reaction as the area of really close compressed molecules are pushed away from the source. What follows immediately after is an area of fewer molecules since the source pushed most of the stuff in the area away.  We can clearly see this happen visually in water as waves are literally formed on the surface. Again, Newton’s Laws of physics apply to mechanical vibration.

Electro-magnetic energy is created as a result of the generation of oscillating electrical energy. Whatever direction the electrical energy is moving, a separate magnetic field is also produced and moves away or radiates in a different direction as an independent source. Technically, the magnetic field is generated by an electron breaking free of its orbit during the movement of electricity. This is why it’s called “electro-magnetic” energy because the energy wave is made in conjunction with electrical energy. Here is a key factor that is usually left out of the description of this type of energy. Once the magnetic field is generated and radiates outwards, there is NO further connection with the source that created it. We would not stand in a field next to a radio tower and expect to change the current broadcast by holding up a radio and changing the station. Also, the electro-magnetic energy wave should continue indefinitely unless some other energy of the same type changes the transmission route. This is why we have a hard time listening to our favorite radio station when the weather changes. Heat is a form of electro-magnetic radiation. Don’t forget this fact. It will come into play many times in our discussions.

Our bodies create most of its electro-magnetic radiation through the piezo-electric effect with crystalline structures being compressed to generate the magnetic field. Our fascia collagen fibers and bones communicate through the piezo-electric fields as tension and pressure changes in this anatomical structures. Neuron pulses also create electro-magnetic pulses, but the energy level is too low to generate chakras, meridian fields, and auras or biofields. It is my theory that instead of nerve plexus and the nervous system being directly responsible for the generation of chakras, the grouping of fibroblasts are able to compress and release in sequence to produce a rotating field just like a laser light show can create the appearance of a cone with one rotating laser.

Another important factor is the ability to have these two forms of energy (mechanical and electro-magnetic) interact with each other. This does happen all the time, but it has to occur through a conversion process. In other words, something stands in between the two energy waves to convert one type of energy into the other. Microphones convert mechanical energy into electrical signals using crystals and the piezo-electric effect. Speakers reverse this process of electrical signals compressing a crystal to move a magnet and compress the surrounding air to form mechanical energy. Our inner ear converts mechanical energy into electrical pulses. Electrical simulation devices in the human body uses electrical signals across two leads to generate an electro-magnetic field that interferes with the chemical gradient in the nerve axon which prevents a firing sequence. This is another important fact to remember since electrical and mechanical energy is not responsible for nerve stimulation.

So what does interact with the electro-magnetic field? Other electro-magnetic radiation. This is why we can sense energy in each other and feel radiation from heat to microwaves and subtle biofield energy. These energy fields can influence each other just like two magnets attracting and repelling each other. This is why Pranic healing, Reiki, and other forms of energy healing has an effect on our body’s energy fields. I also believe that what we are told is the tuning fork affecting the field is actually energy from the hand holding the fork and the focus of the healer and person being healed. The tuning fork is a focus device for the healer to select their focus on one specific thing, and we all know that energy flows where the focus goes. If you are good enough at your ability to focus, then you do not need any focus aid at all. But many of us are fine with our focus aids since they work regardless of our own emotional state during a typical session. And…most tuning forks are made with a non-magnetic material like aluminum alloy. Yes, there are some steel tuning forks with iron in the metal, but it doesn’t mean the metal has been magnetized to produce a magnetic field. You can check this out for yourself with a magnet or watch one of my videos available below. 

I also want to address the 6 to 7 inches mentioned by Michele which I think means the 6 to 7 feet of the toroidal (donut) shape surrounding the body from the heart chakra. First, I do not agree that any electro-magnetic energy production from a chakra will only radiate to this particular distance and suddenly die out or stop. The reason we were told that this is the maximum distance is because the research team that was able to test for the existence of the heart chakra could only measure out that far because of measuring device limitations. The research team believes the chakra to radiate outwards indefinitely just like any other electro-magnetic radiation. Gregg Braden asked this very question to the research team at HeartMath and talked about the answer in a video interview. (see video below at time 3:55) Why do we think it’s a torus shape around our body? Because a cone of energy is being produced which has a slight curve on the outer edge. If you have the ability to feel the edges of chakras like me, then confirm this for yourself and follow the edge of a chakra outwards. Notice how it continues to curve even more the further it radiates away from the body. Eventually, that curve will circle around the body and meet up with the chakra emanating from the back side to form the hole of the donut. We assumed from the maximum distance that the outer edge would naturally form a donut shape.

I should probably stop here to give everyone some time to digest what I’ve presented. I invite you to agree or disagree, ask questions, pose concerns, and build your own thoughts and theories. If you are going to be critical of my information, please back it up with some constructive feedback so we can have a meaningful discussion. If you don’t agree, tell me why.
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