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Weighted tuning forks can be used to release pressurized fluid from tissue to relieve pain, restore joint mobility, and reverse physical ailments. 


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NEHC Academy

We are the training division for New Earth Healing Center LLC where we focus on various vibration methods with tuning forks and singing bowls as the main healing approach.

Our Tuning Fork Vibration Therapy method includes multiple “unique techniques” depending on the anatomical location or the presenting condition.  Currently, we offer training in two techniques. Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) focuses on rapid pain relief and resolution of single-joint mobility restrictions using vibration from medical-grade weighted tuning forks. 

Our training courses, workshops, and books are the result of our own experiences with clients and data collected from therapists throughout the world using our techniques in their own businesses. Our training focuses on connecting the use of vibration from a scientific view so we can understand why the tuning forks affect various conditions in the body.

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