Why does my knee hurt?

This attached image shows a colorized scan of the fascia collagen fibers removed during an arthroscopic surgery. Fascia fibers respond to tensile forces and should be aligned in a very unchaotic way. Scaring of fascia is now scientifically know to cause most of our mobility and pain issues. Once the controlling cells of fascia (fibroblasts) have their “marching orders” there is not reason for them to change.

Fibroblasts also have the ability to self-repair, but according to the newest research on dynamic fascial maintenance and self-repair (published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies) the ability to self-repair is delayed by a lack of appropriate tension on fascia fibers that are in a scar pattern like you see in the image. Our tuning fork can provide the necessary tension and repeated commands to the fibroblasts (at 128 times per second in a 128hz tuning fork). In other words, we can assist with the self-repair process with tuning forks using the right methods and techniques.

Image citation: Citation: Anne Weston (2012) CIL:41738, Homo sapiens. CIL. Dataset.

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Fascia and Fluid
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