We were not designed to be folded

We were never designed to be folded. Bobbi Jo and I were having a discussion on the way in to work this morning on how our bodies are getting in such bad shape. Many of you know of our theory of pain and mobility restrictions being caused by fluids (interstitial) being compartmentalized by ….something. Most likely the culprit is the collagen fibers called fascia making up almost every part of our body. In a normal person, fluid (plasma) comes into our interstitial spaces from the cardiovascular system and removed by the veins and lymphatic system. But what happens if more fluids are pumped into these spaces than is removed?

We do not need to be filled up like a giant grape like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be considered edema. What we are seeing in our own experiences is that ALL of our clients have some sort of localized edema responsible for pain, mobility restrictions, illnesses, and all sorts of diseases. We have seen many of our friends and family die of too much fluids whether the final cause of death reveals the real truth.

But the problem doesn’t stop with too much fluid. The real problem is with compartmentalization. Our fascia network has controlling cells called fibroblasts that control the fluids using solid forms of collagen fibers and a more gel-like substance (proteoglycans) to control fluid flow and create the space to house our other systems requiring the nutrients of our interstitial fluids.

Our VFRT Theory is that we were originally designed to be upright all of the time. Long before we had a need to sit down and fold ourselves, we spent our entire day standing, walking, running, and sleeping. Squating was probably the closest thing we did to folding, but that was also temporary. We just never folded ourselves, so these illnesses were never a problem in our ancient past where we lived for hundreds of years. See where we are going with this theory? We are drowning in our own fluids. We are creating large and small pockets of fluids that stay in our body for the rest of our lives.

Then we can add even more problems like the toxins, excessive amounts of substances, and anything that our body was not designed to process. Once we get these substances into our interstitial spaces that cannot be removed through normal means (veins and lymphatics), then how does our body remove those toxins? We find the answer in biopsies and dissections once they have created a life-altering or life-ending change to our bodies. If our bodies cannot alter the toxins to remove it, then they stay in our body forever. With our own clients, we find those toxins finding their way to the feet and lower limbs due to gravity. As fluids start to build up in these compartmentalized spaces, the “free flowing” spaces are created with allows the toxins to settle in the lowest areas of the body. Here we have successfully resolved neuropathy in the lower limbs just by removing the edema and allowing the trapped toxins to be processes again by the appropriate system.

We all really need to take another look at the way the body compartmentalizes fluids. Folding at each joint for extended periods becomes the next compartment holding your fluids until pressurization prevents the proper removal of the excess not being consumed by the local cells. In VFRT, this is our world, our focus, and our resolution with both stretching the fascia collagen fibers to actually resolve the barrier trapping these fluids, and by making sure the fluids are no longer trapped within their compartments to allow the body to remove the fluids and floating substances to be processed naturally.

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