Vibrational Fascia Release Technique Online

Course Details:

This is a self-paced, online training course. The content includes video and text to train you how to use a weighted 128hz tuning fork for rapid pain relief and mobility restrictions. This unique method is called Vibrational Fascia Release Technique(TM) and is used by VFRT therapists located throughout the world. 

Your course will be presented on our Learning Management System here on this website. Upon approval to start your course, you will be given access to your Training Profile page where your content can be accessed.

This course works on a progressive training concept where Module 1 will be available at the start of the coursework. Each lesson within the Module will be completed in order with the final lesson acting as a scheduling request for your Module Skill Check review with your instructor. 

The course modules include:

Module 1: The 10 Core Skills of VFRT

Module 2: Head and Neck Protocol

Module 3: Abdominal Pain and Digestion Protocol

Module 4: Lower Back and Hip Pain Protocol

Module 5: Foot and Leg Pain Protocol

Module 6: Anti-Aging Protocol

Module 7: Fat Burning Protocol

Each module will also include a quiz, case studies, activities, and a module skill check 1-on-1 meeting with your instructor. Upon completion of the skill check meeting, your course progression will continue to the next module. 

Completion of Course:

Once all academic requirements and tuition payments have been received, students will receive an electronic certification certificate with rights to be represented as a VFRT Therapist.

Course Timeframe:

This is a self-paced course to be completed online at the student’s pace. However, the pace can also be driven by the skill check at the end of each Module where the student will conduct a 1-on-1 meeting with the instructor before progressing into the next Module. 

The course was designed to be completed in a 4-month period with approximately 5 hours of coursework per week. Times may vary as case studies and content differ between each module. See additional information about maximum course time in the Refund Policy section below.

Maximum Course Time: This course is designed to be completed on a continuous basis with a maximum time of 6 months. If the course has not been completed within 6 months, additional course costs will be required to include $100 per month until the course is complete. Access to the course content will be removed until extension payments have been received.

Course Cost:

Tuition Cost: $900 One Time Total Payment, Due at Registration. No additional payments required if completed within 6 months.

Course Pre-Requisites:

There are no pre-requisites for this class. Students do not need any prior knowledge of weighted tuning forks. We do not provide any materials for pre-learning prior to the class.

Required Equipment:

Students are required to have a 128hz weighted tuning fork, a 15mm gem foot, and a 25mm gem foot (any crystal type) prior to registering for class. The tuning fork can be from any manufacturer.  

Student may choose to obtain two more 128hz weighted tuning forks to attach each gem foot attachment to prevent from having to swap during a session.

The gem foot attachments can be purchase from in the United States or from this link in Europe. There are no substitutions for the gem foot attachments at this time. Please do not use a full-metal attachment or handle extension. 

Note: Not all weighted tuning forks are manufactured with the same quality. We have found that tuning forks sold by and those by the same manufacturer Riverbank Labs have the quality we prefer for our own business and for our VFRT Therapists.

Computer and Facebook Requirements:

This course requires computer access to our NEHC Academy website to work through the content and communicate with your instructor through assignment forms and completion of case studies. In order to complete the coursework, we require that students have a reliable access to the Internet since our videos stream from Vimeo servers. Our content will NOT be available for download for offline viewing.

Facebook Messenger Access: NEHC Academy uses the Facebook Messenger service on Facebook to conduct 1-on-1 Skill Check meetings. Students are required to have a Facebook account and communicate through Facebook Messenger. No other substitutions will be granted. 

Video capability: During your 1-on-1 Skill Check meeting with your instructor, you may be asked to record video footage or communicate through Facebook live video feed. Students are required to have access to a video camera of any type. Cell phone video cameras are recommended. 

Additional Requirements:

Case Study Volunteers: Students are required to work on people during the coursework to practice methods, protocols, skills, and techniques. The case study volunteers must be human and be able to communicate feedback to the student during the assignment. 

Physical Challenges: VFRT is a physical form of therapy where weighted tuning forks are activated many times in a session and pressed against the client’s skin for extended periods of time. A consistent downward pressure of the tuning fork can quickly fatigue muscles of the hand. We recommend that the student have full gripping capabilities with at least one hand with a sensing capability on the opposite hand for palpation. Please contact NEHC Academy staff if you have any concerns about the physical demands of VFRT. 

Refund Policy:

NEHC Academy has a no refund policy. Tuition will not be returned after the course has been made available to the student. This course has a 6-month completion requirement with monthly $100 extensions for continued access to the content. Until extensions payments have been received, course content will be paused indefinitely while the student is under academic suspension. After a period of 3-months on academic suspension, the course will be considered abandoned and access to course materials will be permanently removed. 

Approval Requirements:

Once we receive your registration form and payment, NEHC Academy staff will review each registration application and approve each one on a case-by-case basis. Upon approval, the student’s account will be created and a welcome email will be sent out to complete the registration process.

If an application has been denied, any tuition payments made at registration will be refunded. 

Applications will be immediately denied for the following reasons:

  1. Competitor Clause: The student is a paid employee for another company competing with NEHC Academy in the sound healing community. 
  2. Registered for a 3-day Live Intensive Class: Since your Intensive class instructors are on a contracted basis, we share and distribute tuition payments between the parties involved with your training. Once a registration payment has been made for an Intensive Course it is a binding agreement to complete the class. Intensive Tuition is not directly transferrable to an online class.
  3. NEHC Academy staff has the right to refuse registration to anyone without detailed notice of the reason for denial. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Information presented in this class is proprietary to New Earth Healing Center LLC, and your registration acts as a binding agreement not to use the content from this course or any proprietary VFRT information to train anyone to perform a similar technique. Violation of this agreement will result in immediate academic suspension and permanent access removal with no refund. Appropriate legal action will be taken.