Vibrating Tuning Forks diffuse Interstitial Fluid through Fascia Layers: Part One

New Earth Healing Center LLC and NEHC Academy conducted a series of studies using bovine tissue to observe the effects of using weighted tuning forks directly on the adipose tissue and fascia layers. In Part One of our study, we used a beef roast purchased from a supermarket. This article will focus on Part Two of our study where we obtained a fresh bovine sample from a local butcher shop where the processing was currently underway. We believe our sample to be within one hour old where the interstitial fluid still remained in the sample.

Note: This study was for our own knowledge purposes. We did not have outside sponsorship for this study, and we did not consult with any organization concerning proper treatment of any animals associated with this study. We also cannot confirm the quality of treatment of the donor animal. However, this establishment has been in business for many years with the current owner operating the facility for many years as a respected family within our community. The owner’s son personally handed us the sample specific to our request, and he was well aware of the anatomy of the cow as we discussed terminology of fascia and adipose layers. 

In Part Two of our study, we observed the superficial adipose (fat) layers of bovine material that still had the interstitial fluids present within those layers. This sample had not been frozen, and the donor was still alive within one hour from the study.

We were able to determine that the interstitial fluid does not easily diffuse between layers of fascia collagen fibers with only pressure. However, vibration and pressure from the tuning fork would allow diffusion of fluid even through thick fascia layers. In the first image, you can see the vibrating tuning fork pressed against the deep fascia layer and interstitial fluid starts to form at the base of the tuning fork. It is our theory that the tuning forks are releasing pressurized fluid pockets caught between fascia layers and inside the gel of the adipose layers beneath our skin. In the third image, you can see what these pockets look like as I started to separate the layers of fascia connected to the deep fascia layer. We believe that vibration and pressure are the two things that tuning forks can offer beyond the pressure provided by other physiotherapy methods to “release” fascia. In VFRT, we focus on both the fluid and fascia as an intricate pair of problems creating pain and restriction to mobility.


Methods, techniques, knowledge, and understanding of anatomy and physiology at New Earth Healing Center LLC and our associated training program through NEHC Academy are considered complementary and alternative to traditional, allopathic medicine. We are not licensed medical professionals. 

Our clinical approach method is called Vibrational Therapy where we primarily use weighted tuning forks directly on the body in locations determined through palpation. We do not consider ourselves as “Sound Healers” since our focus is to introduce vibration directly to the tissue to affect fascial and fluid pressure dysfunction. Although we do perform some methods like Vibrational ChronoTherapy (VCT) using unweighted tuning forks to recalibrate or synchronize the nervous system, this therapy is a follow-on technique after all physical dysfunction has been resolved or reduce.

Vibrational Therapy is not widely known or supported within the complementary or allopathic medical community because there is very little research on using vibration as a therapeutic approach. Most evidence-based research has focused on whole-body vibration (WBV) for certain conditions and even less research has been published on discrete frequencies introduced to specific areas of the body with weighted tuning forks.

The methods and techniques we use at NEHC were developed by us with clinical responses as our main source of knowledge and experience for Vibrational Therapy. We are able to connect the dots through published anatomy and physiology books and research papers for a basic understanding of the science behind vibration, fascia, and interstitial fluid pressure associated with a vibrational therapy approach. 

We conduct our own research on the the effects of weighted tuning forks on fascia and interstitial fluid pressure to better understand why our methods and techniques produce the results we see in our treatments. We publish our findings and case studies on this website and through social media channels with the hope that scientists and other clinicians will further our research as is customary across clinician to scientist channels.

We do not claim to cure any condition, but we do have the right to report our clinical experiences as FACT from our own results since we do not currently have the luxury to point directly to evidence-based research at this time. 

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