VFRT Palpation and Application 2-day Live Class November 11 to 12 2023


Dates: November 11th and 12th, 2023

Times: Saturday, (8am to 5pm); and Sunday, (8am to 4pm)

Class Type: This is a 2-day live course held at our NEHC Academy Training Facility in Shipshewana, Indiana. Students will attend a blend of classroom and practical application working side-by-side with Andrew and Bobbi Jo throughout the entire weekend. The outcome of this class is a VFRT completion certificate awarded after successfully completing the class. 


There are no pre-requisites for this class. Students do not need any prior knowledge of weighted tuning forks. We do not provide any materials for pre-learning prior to the Intensive.


This class will focus on palpation and practical hands-on application for the following areas of the body:

Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Wrist, & Hand: This area focuses on the following conditions: shoulder conditions (frozen shoulder, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries), elbow conditions (golfers elbow, tennis elbow, bursitis), carpel tunnel syndrome, hand neuropathy, Dupuytren’s Contracture, trigger finger, warts, joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain and fatigue, sprains, strains, repetitive stress disorders.

Upper Back, Lower Back, & Hips: This area focuses on the following conditions: spine deformities and misalignment (lordosis, scoliosis, kyphosis), tight muscles, sciatic pain, hip pain, bursitis, tailbone trauma.

Thigh, Knee, Ankle, & Foot: This area focuses on the following conditions: strained muscles, tight IT band, knee pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe, ingrown toenail, warts, bone spurs, corns, and fallen arches, old sprains, leg and foot alignment, toenail fungus or thick toenails.

In the classroom, students will be able to practice methods and techniques on other students throughout the weekend with the guidance of Andrew and Bobbi Jo Weaver. Our curriculum consists of a combination of knowledge, concepts, and skills with a variation between classroom work and practical application. We do not focus on “paint-by-numbers” application of putting the tuning fork in specific locations but rather rely on the knowledge and skills to apply in unique clinical situations.  

The following content will be delivered through self-paced online training following the live class: 

Basic Tuning Fork Skills, Anatomy, & Physiology: This subject area focuses on knowledge of basic tuning fork skills specific to our method. We teach core skills of grip, strike, palpation, angle, pressure, and proper placement. Anatomy and physiology training covers topics associated with fluid dynamics, fascial structures, and pathology/disfunction of soft tissue. 

Both the Live Palpation and Application class and the self-paced knowledge class will need to be completed prior to receiving a VFRT Certification. 

NEHC Academy has the right to modify any part of training based on the needs of the class. 


All costs for travel and lodging are the responsibility of the student. Class ends at 4pm on Sunday, so please schedule your return flight accordingly.

Location: The NEHC Academy Training Facility are located in our New Earth Healing Center in Shipshewana, Indiana. The physical address is 250 E Berkshire Dr., Unit 3, Shipshewana, Indiana 46565

Transportation: Our location is in a small town. While the Amish community uses drivers known as “taxis”, these drivers are all independent and difficult to schedule for reliable transportation for tourists and guests. There is no Uber type of service nearby and there is no public bus service. We recommend renting a vehicle if you are not driving to our event. 

Lodging: There are several popular brand hotels in nearby Sturgis, Michigan at the intersection of the Interstate 80/90 Indiana Toll Road (Exit 121) and State Road 9 just South of the Indiana/Michigan state line. These hotels are with 20 miles of our Facility. We have personally stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, and Super 8 hotels. We enjoyed our stay at the Holiday Inn Express with their updated and modern style within the rooms. We did not like the Super 8 hotel and do not recommend this location for our students. 

Closer Lodging: NEHC Academy and our Healing Center are located in the heart of Amish country within LaGrange county.  The town of Shipshewana is a tourist destination and has several luxury hotels which are still reasonably priced. However, the town hosts several large events and conventions so rooms might be limited especially during the Summer months. We recommend the Van Buren Hotel, Farmstead Inn & Conference Center, and the Blue Gate Garden Inn. The Blue Gate Garden Inn is well known in Shipshewana with a Performing Arts Center next to the Inn and a very large restaurant and Amish bakery in the center of town. This small town is known to be packed with visitors during the Summer months due to the largest outdoor flea market in the Midwest region. 

Airports: There are three main options for airports. Fort Wayne International Airport is located about 1.5 hours south of Shipshewana. South Bend International Airport is located about an hour away to the Northwest of Shipshewana. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is about 2 hours and 45 minutes to the North East in Michigan. Although this airport is further away, some of our students have found better and cheaper flights since Detroit is a much larger airport with more options.

Food: We will serve lunch both days. If you have food allergy or dietary concerns, we recommend you bring your own food and we can keep it in our refrigerator. Snacks and hot/cold drinks will be available throughout the day. 

Travel Caution: Our Amish community uses a horse and buggy for their main transportation. Shipshewana is the largest Amish community in Indiana and the third largest in the United States. You will likely find yourself behind a horse and buggy as you travel through the town, so here are some things you need to know. Not all of the roads are wide enough to allow the horse and buggy to remain completely out of your lane. A typical horse and buggy travels at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour, so keep this in mind when you approach a buggy. Our Amish do use flashers and turn signals in our state. 

Required equipment:

There is no required equipment or tools for this class. Students are not required to bring tuning forks and gem foot attachments to class, and we ask for these items not to be brought to class. NEHC Academy will provide the necessary equipment and tools needed during class. 

We do not sell tuning forks and attachments, so the equipment and tools used during class will not be available for sale during class. For this class, we will be using a weighted 128hz tuning fork with no gem foot attachments. We will also be using the Hypervolt by HyperIce percussion massage gun for advanced time saving techniques.

Payment Options:

Class Tuition: One-time full payment of $1500 USD due at registration. No other payments are required. Students must register and complete payment no later than Midnight EST two days prior to the class start date. 

Early Bird Discount: One-time full payment of $1200 USD (a 25% savings) due at registration. No other payments are required. Students must register and complete payment no later than Midnight EST two calendar weeks (14 days) prior to the class start date. 

Refund Policy: All payments are non-refundable but transferrable to another IAVT live class. 

Additional Costs: There are no additional costs for books or equipment for the class.  We do not charge extra for class manuals, and we generally do not sell products to students during the class.

Payment Type: Our payment portal uses PayPal, but you can use a credit card without a PayPal account.


Upon completion of this live class, students will receive a completion certificate of completion for the VFRT Specialty Area. The class completion certificate can be applied to an Instrument-Assisted Vibration Therapy Certification (IAVT). 

Cancellation Policy:

NEHC Academy may cancel the class due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Indiana is located in a cold-weather climate with unpredictable weather patterns in the winter months (November through March). In the event of a class cancellation, NEHC Academy staff will update all students as soon as possible. NEHC Academy and New Earth Healing Center LLC are not responsible for any fees incurred by the student for last minute class cancellation.