VFRT Private Class


Wednesday (8am to 4:30pm); Wednesday (8am to 4:30pm); and Friday (8am to 3:30pm)

Class Type: This is a 3-day intensive live course held at a private location in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Students will attend a blend of classroom and practical application working side-by-side with Andrew and Bobbi Jo throughout the entire week.


There are no pre-requisites for this class. Students do not need any prior knowledge of weighted tuning forks. We do not provide any materials for pre-learning prior to the Intensive.


This class will focus on fundamental methods and techniques for using weighted tuning forks for resolution of physical ailments. We cover knowledge and application skills used in our New Earth Vibration Therapy Program with the following training modules. 

Fundamentals of Vibration Therapy: This is the prerequisite training for all New Earth Vibration Therapy training. We focus on proper grip, strike, pressure, and placement based on palpation and feedback core skills required for Tuning Fork Vibration Therapy. We also cover the knowledge needed to understand the basic concepts of fluid pressure and tissue dysfunction which is a core fundamental of our therapeutic approach. 

Pain Management and Resolution (VFRT) Specialty Area: In this module, we apply our fundamental principles to the application of Vibration Therapy with a focus on rapid pain relief and resolution of single joint mobility restrictions. This specialty area is known as Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) with an expectation of relief within one treatment.

Head and Neck Specialty Area: In this module, we apply fundamental principles with a focus on ailments and conditions within the neck and head region caused by fluid pressure and lack of fluid drainage through the neck. We introduce a unique starting protocol known as the “Neck Flush” designed to relieve fluid pressure within the neck prior to focused treatments in targeted areas throughout the head and neck regions. 

Health and Beauty Specialty Area: In this module, we apply fundamental principles with a focus on both the head and body for dermatological conditions and tissue volume (fat and fluid) reduction. Dermatology covers a wide range of “beauty” concerns including wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, bags, jowls, smokers lines, laugh lines, deep lines, hair loss, scars, and rashes. We cover principles of “fat reduction” through methods and techniques designed to release both trapped fluids and lipids within the fat cells to reduce tissue circumference. 

In the classroom, students will be able to practice methods and techniques on other students throughout the weekend with the guidance of Andrew and Bobbi Jo Weaver. Our curriculum consists of a combination of knowledge, concepts, and skills with a variation between classroom work and practical application. We do not focus on “paint-by-numbers” application of putting the tuning fork in specific locations but rather rely on the knowledge and skills to apply in unique clinical situations.  

NEHC Academy has the right to modify any part of training based on the needs of the class.

Required equipment:

There is no required equipment for this class. We will provide the equipment listed below. Students can bring a 128hz weighted tuning fork to class. The tuning fork can be from any manufacturer.  You may bring additional tuning forks. Students also purchase a 15mm and 25mm gem-foot attachments (any crystal type) for the weighted 128hz tuning fork.  The gem foot attachments can be purchase from Biosonics.com in the United States or from this link in Europe. We recommend purchasing three 128hz weighted tuning forks so you do not need to switch the gem feet during a session.

Note: Not all weighted tuning forks are manufactured with the same quality. We have found that tuning forks sold by Biosonics.com and those by the same manufacturer Riverbank Labs have the quality we prefer for our own business and for our VFRT Therapists

Payment Options:

Since this class is a private training session, a full payment is required at registration. 

Payment Option One: A one-time full payment of $500 USD due at registration. No other payments are required. 

Refund Policy: All payments are non-refundable once the class begins. 

Additional Costs: There are no additional costs for books or equipment for the class other than the requirement to have a weighted 128hz tuning fork and gem feet available for class which you can purchase on your own prior to class. Please see the Required Equipment section below for more details. We do not charge extra for class manuals, and we do not generally sell products to students during the class.


Upon completion of this Intensive Class, students will receive a certification for a VFRT Therapist along with two Specialty Area completion certificates for Head & Neck and Health & Beauty Specialty Areas. The VFRT Certification and two specialty area certificates are part of a larger New Earth Vibration Therapy Master Certification Program. 

Cancellation Policy:

NEHC Academy may cancel the class due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Indiana is located in a cold-weather climate with unpredictable weather patterns in the winter months (November through March). In the event of a class cancellation, NEHC Academy staff will update all students as soon as possible. NEHC Academy and New Earth Healing Center LLC are not responsible for any fees incurred by the student for last minute class cancellation.