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Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) Online Certification Program

Our online certification program is currently being upgraded with new advanced techniques, videos, and content. We are releasing each area of focus as an independent course so you can choose to purchase and complete the entire training program one course at a time. Each course includes the basic knowledge and core skill information modules so you can complete these courses in any order and still learn the basic information required to learn the method of VFRT. Learn more about our new VFRT online certification program at the bottom of this page.

Hand & Wrist

Palpation and Application techniques focusing on the hand and wrist

Forearm & Elbow

Palpation and Application techniques focusing on the forearm and elbow


Palpation & Application techniques for the abdomen

Upper Arm & Shoulder

Palpation and Application techniques focusing on the Upper Arm & Shoulder

Upper Back & Spine

Palpation & Application techniques for the upper back & cervical spine

Leg & Knee

Palpation & Application techniques for the leg & knee

Ankle & Foot

Palpation & Application techniques for the ankle & foot

Lower Back & Hip

Palpation & Application techniques for the lower back & hip

Head & Neck

Palpation & Application techniques for the head and neck

Cranial Brain Drain

Palpation & Application techniques for releasing cranial fluid pressure

Adv Anatomy & Physiology

Advanced Anatomy & Physiology topics pertaining to the VFRT method

Certification Module

Completion and Administration of the VFRT Certification Requirements

What is Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT)?

Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) uses a 128hz weighted tuning fork along with specialized skills like palpation, grip, strike, placement, and pressure on the skin to quickly relieve pain and improve mobility throughout the body. VFRT focuses on the connective tissue fascia where pain and restriction result from collagen fibers and fluid pressure.

Therapists use vibration and compression from the tuning fork to affect the fascia fibers and fluids, releasing restrictions to restore normal function. Protocol groups guide therapists on applying core techniques to address conditions in different body areas. VFRT does not involve energy work, acupoints, mental health approaches, or bone vibration. Rather it is a method of using tuning fork vibration and physical manipulation to relieve physical restrictions in the fascia.

Details about the Certification Program:

The Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) Certification Program requires the completion of 10 Specialty Area courses, 1 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology course, and the final Certification Module. Each of these courses are stand-alone curriculum designed to be completed in any order with the exception of the Certification Module.

Total Cost for VFRT Online Certification Program:

$900 USD (discount price)

Current program discount: the current course prices reflect the fact that not all courses have been completed. Therefore, you would not be able to benefit from a bulk purchase discount. We will keep the courses at this discounted price until all of the courses are complete, then we will offer a slightly higher price for individually purchased courses and offer a substantial discount for purchasing all of the courses in the program at once.


How are the online courses different from the Live VFRT classes?

We have updated the online curriculum to include the same curriculum, skills, and protocols introduced in our live VFRT classes. 

Can I attend a live class if I purchase the online VFRT program?

Once you have completed all 11 courses, you can attend one of the live VFRT classes held by Andrew and Bobbi Jo free of charge. 

I have already purchased one or more of these courses as a workshop. Are they the same?

When the Abdomen, Head & Neck, and Cranial Brain Drain courses have been completed, they will include the protocols introduced in the workshops. We will upgrade those workshops into a full course with all of the content and final assessment. You do not need to purchase these three courses again. We will update your Training Profile with the new courses, but you will still need to complete the new curriculum and assessment to apply them to the certification. 

I am already certified as a VFRT Therapist. Do I still need to take these new courses?

No. You are already certified and there are no further requirements to maintain your level of certification. However, we did upgrade these courses with the “advanced” techniques developed by Bobbi Jo over the past few years. Most of the courses have new time-saving techniques never seen in a previous VFRT course (live or online). We recommend taking some individual courses to see for yourself, and you have the option to take the courses that might be appropriate for you.

What is the purpose of the Certification Module?

When you have completed all of the required courses, the Certification Module will be the final part of the process where you will be able to submit case studies for each course, your training profile will be reviewed, and we will provide you with the final electronic certification certificate. We do not charge much for this part, but there is a small amount of administration and time required for this process. 

Will there be an Advanced VFRT Program?

We have upgraded most of our courses to incorporate the latest advanced techniques, so the content you will see in this program are consistent with what Bobbi Jo has used in her own Healing Center over the past few years. This online content and protocols includes the time-saving and effective techniques of a typical Bobbi Jo session or treatment. 

Will I receive notification when the new courses are available?

Yes. We will announce each new course launch on our NEHC Academy Facebook Group and our email mailing list. See below to register for the mailing list.

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