Vibrational Fascia Release Technique Online Certification Course

Announcement: The Online Version of VFRT has been temporarily discontinued until September so we can update the curriculum to match our 3-day Live Intensive Training. We will announce the re-opening of this training in its new format.


This is a self-paced, online course with 4 Modules to be completed at your own pace. The maximum time allow for completing the coursework is 6 months from starting the course. Each module should take about a month to complete for an average completion time of 4 months.

Course Cost:

$1200 is the total cost for this course starting in September when the Online registration will open up again.

Course cost until September is $700 for a full payment.

Content Information: 

This course includes 4 learning modules with content available through our Learning Management System available on this website. Each module is progressive with information and skills building on each other as you progress through the coursework. The content in each module may consist of a combination of video, text, and audio format.

There is technically no “classroom” for self-paced courses at NEHC Academy. Once you have access to your course, you may start your coursework at any time. Your main communication throughout the course will be through email or Facebook Messenger with your instructor. Live online communication can be scheduled as needed. 

NEHC Academy reserves the right to update or change the content within the coursework at any time. Active students within the course will be notified of any content changes.

Lessons in the 4 modules include:

Module 1:

Introduction videos

Striking and Placement Techniques

Fundamentals of Tuning Forks

Sinus and Blood Pressure

Anti-aging Facial

Body Wrapping

Fat Burning and Body Sculpting

Throat, Thyroid, and Vocal Chords

Abdomen Pain

Module 2:

ILF Loop Fundamentals

Interstitial Fluid

Lymphatic System

Fascial System

ILF Loop Failure and Resolution

Press and Push Technique

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Shoulder Injury Self-care

Lipoma Resolution

Tuning Fork Physics

Module 3:

Nervous System

Pain and Inflammation

Phases of Healing

Foot Pain

Head Pain

Joint Pain

Lower Back Pain

Module 4:

Client Podcast – Stroke Paralysis

Client Podcast – MS Drop Foot

Client Podcast – Respiratory Distress

Client Podcast – Sinus Pressure

Required Materials:

Students are required to have a weighted 128hz tuning fork prior to starting the content. The tuning fork can be purchased from any manufacturer or supplier. The successful results we have obtained at New Earth Healing Center are primarily from tuning forks purchased from

In this course, we teach certain methods using a 15mm clear quartz crystal gem foot. Students may choose (and are encouraged) to purchase the gem foot to follow along with the methods presented in this course. The first lesson using the gem foot is the Anti-aging techniques in Module 1. We purchased our gem foot from However, students outside of the United States can also purchase directly from the manufacturer in Germany.

This course does not include a written or electronic workbook. Students are required to take personal notes where appropriate. NEHC Academy does not mail or ship any equipment or materials to the students as a part of this course.

Required Electronic Equipment:

This is an online course, so students are required to have computer and Internet access to work through the coursework in our Learning Management System. Some of our content is in video and audio format without Closed Caption or corresponding text.

Certification Process:

Final Exam: Students must pass a final exam upon completion of the coursework. Exam questions are taken directly from the online content. Students will retake the exam for any score below 80%.

Student Case Studies: The case study requirement is now a part of our Module workflow. Completing a Module includes completing and submitting your case studies specific to the Module. Please make sure you complete the case study form before moving to the next Module. Your instructor will review and case studies as a part of the certification process. All case studies must be completed prior to taking the final exam.

Obtaining your Certificate: Once the 4 Modules have been completed (including case studies), and you have received a passing score on the final exam, you will receive an electronic version of your certification from NEHC Academy. This will conclude your course requirements. The certificate will identify you as a New Earth Vibrational Therapist in the Vibrational Fascia Release Technique(TM). At this point, you may use the title and name of the technique within your own business as you see fit.

Access to the Alumni Facebook Group: Certified Vibrational Therapists will be given access to our Alumni Facebook Group to continue communicating with other alumni throughout the world. We share new discoveries and case studies along with providing a detailed level of support not available in the NEHC Academy Facebook Group.

Late Payment Policy: 

Students on the Payment Plan are responsible for providing monthly payments no later than 5 calendar days from the due date. Late payments will result in a suspended academic status until payment is made. Academic suspension means the online content in our Learning Management System will not be available to the student.

No Refund Policy:

All payments are final and non-refundable. Payment for the course does not constitute the delivery of a certification unless all requirements have been completed. Refunds will not be provided for partially completed content. Students on the Payment Plan option must complete the full payment before receiving permanent access to the content. See Late Payment Policy.