Tuning Forks and Gout

Since gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops as a result of high levels of uric acid in the blood, our tuning fork treatments would would follow the same techniques as arthritis elsewhere in the body. When we look at a diagnosis, we have to look at what affects that ailment is having on the body which in this case is inflammation in the joints. We are not necessarily resolving the problem that caused the uric acid to build up in the blood stream, but we can resolve the damage the crystal build up is doing in the joints.

Fingers of patients with gout.

The weighted 128hz tuning fork can not only release the fluids built up in the joints, but it can also loosen the fascia fibers pulling on the joints to keep them inflamed.

When it comes to chronic inflammation associated with bones, it is our theory that the fascia fibers are pulling the bones out of alignment which causes the wrapper around the bone (periosteum) to get stretched along with other parts of a joint designed to prevent rubbing and long-term compression. When any of these joint parts become compromised, you get inflammation.

We work on these types of ailments by releasing the tension on the fascia fibers which reduces the pull on the joints from the fascia around the joint and reduce the fluids currently occupying the joints. If you look at most conditions involving arthritis in joints, you will likely find the surrounding fascia responsible for the chronic and prolonged strain on the bones proving the joint action.

It’s important to keep in mind the role that fascia collagen fibers play within our body. Collagen fibers are a part of practically every structure in our body, but we tend to give credit to other names like tendons, bone, cartilage, muscles, organs, vessels, and nerves. Each of these structures have very similar collagen fibers oriented in different ways depending on the needs of the individual organ, tissue, or system.

One of our tightest and toughest tissue, the tendon, is built from bundles of fascia collagen fibers in a manner repeated throughout almost every system throughout our body like nerves and muscles.

If we can start looking at most musculo-skeletal ailments as a “fascial” issue, then our treatment becomes a lot more simple since fascia fiber tension can be instantly release by tuning forks in most situations. We must keep in mind that fascia has only a few jobs, and one primary job is to provide the necessary tension on all parts of our body to keep us upright and moving. Unfortunately, we think of conditions like gout to be separate from a fascial issue. We should be using the tuning fork directly on the soft tissue surrounding the affected area and on the bumps appearing as a consequence of prolonged joint inflammation.

If you would like to learn more about our Vibrational Fascia Release Technique(TM) and working on the body with tuning forks for pain relief, check out our Courses and Books pages for training material. You can also join our NEHC Academy Facebook Group for in-depth discussions on tuning forks.

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