Tuning forks and autism

At NEHC, we have a few theories about autism based on the patterns we have seen with working on clients using our weighted tuning forks. We believe that the same problems we see with many ailments and conditions as a result of too much interstitial fluid in our body causing pressurization can be applied to neurological disorders. Of course, it takes time and a lot of work with people who have neurological challenges since each situation presents itself differently with each person. After all, autism is a spectrum which makes working on these types of conditions even more challenging. It’s also very difficult for me to call autism a “condition” since I believe it’s more of a range of symptoms resulting from the fluid pressure problem I previously mentioned.

The pattern we noticed in our VFRT clients led us to create a hypothesis of too much fluid pressure in the interstitial spaces of the brain causing a lack of nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells and proper growth and development of the neurons. We have noticed a connection with constant fluid buildup in the head and neck the same as we see with people suffering with sinus pressure issues and a wide range of head-related conditions. In VFRT, we designed our Head and Neck protocols to release the fluid pressure in the head and neck to relieve these conditions, but a person who is still in the same environment of dust, mold, smoke, pet dander, and other airborne allergies can continue to experience the same symptoms over time.

I happen to fall into the same category with severe chronic allergies AND falling on the spectrum myself with childhood ADHD, OCD, and Aspergers. Of course, back when I was growing up those terms were not available to describe my symptoms. Bobbi Jo and I feel they are all connected, and the fluid pressure issue might even go far enough back to the gestation period while the baby is still in the womb with too much fluid pressure in the mother’s abdomen.

We feel that our approach to working with autism starts on the physical level of weighted tuning forks and the fluid pressure release, but then we needed to focus on the things that weighted tuning forks just could not reach. So we developed unweighted protocols to focus on two aspects of working with the nervous system. One approach is through the auditory system with a monaural and binaural protocol to introduce a series of frequencies through the brain’s auditory processing system to help change the way the neurons fire in certain sections of the brain.

Our second approach is through the sensory neurons throughout the body where there is a timing variance and synchronization issue with the nervous system. Some of these issues could also be caused by fluid pressurization in the interstitial spaces throughout the body. In a timing or synchronization issue, our protocols focus on re-calibration of the neurological loop between the brain and body just like I wrote about in the article concerning feeling jittery when we are nervous or stressed out.

If you think about the many ways that autism symptoms can present themselves, there could be a component of brain processing where the person just cannot speak or move efficiently, and there are usually symptoms of over-sensitization to external stimulus. We are not claiming that a particular protocol can magically reversal all symptoms and cure a person with autism permanently, but we have a lot of success with focusing on the symptoms first and giving the person a better quality of life. The long-term goal is to gather enough information to see if we can reverse the causes of these symptoms long enough so the brain and body can remodel and re-adapt for a more permanent change. It is difficult to say if a brain can remodel after the development stage, but we are seeing a lot of neurological research stating that if the current conditions change then maybe the body can change as well.

We do not have all of the answers, but we have a definite direction we are headed. You all are welcome to join us on this journey.

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