Treating skin-related conditions using weighted tuning forks

In this article, we will discuss our theories on these skin-related conditions and symptoms as part of our Vibrational Fascia Release Technique(TM) at NEHC Academy. These treatments are part of our First Aid Protocol Group. Specifically, we are talking about working on skin-related conditions like acne, poison ivy, shingles, rashes, and cold sores (fever blisters) with weighted tuning forks.

First, we should point out that some of these conditions have certain precautions, contraindications, and concerns over contamination and spreading of viruses or bacteria. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to guard against these concerns, and the purpose of this information is to show you how we think at NEHC Academy. It is your choice whether you feel it is appropriate to apply our concepts to your own life. Second, this article will not show you a protocol or procedure. There is much more to these treatments than a paint-by-numbers solution. We are sharing our thoughts and concepts to hopefully influence the way people think about their health and healing with vibration. If you want to know more, check out our training classes on our website. When it comes to working on certain skin-related conditions, most practitioners are concerned not only with spreading a virus or bacteria outside of the skin and body, but there is also a concern with spreading things below the skin.

Our understanding of the dermis layers is that the superficial fascia layer is just below the “epidermis” layer. Most of the work we do with VFRT is within the superficial fascia layer where interstitial fluids, nerves, arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels, fat cells, and fascia collagen fibers share the extracellular space. Our theory is that anything occurring on the surface of the skin is caused by the compartmentalization of the interstitial fluids in this space underneath the skin. We believe that the collagen fibers known as fascia will quarantine anything the controlling fibroblast cells determine is a foreign substance (toxins, viruses, bacteria, excess chemicals). This quarantine process can be seen in many places and conditions throughout the body from a simple flu shot to a bug bite or a misplaced pain medication injection.

Areolar connective tissue under the microscope view. Histological for human physiology.

Even foreign substances introduced through the skin can create the same quarantine process with the collagen fascia fibers surrounding the “toxins” to slow down the spreading until the body can properly process the foreign substances for removal by the lymphatic system. Yes. I’m talking about your full immune system within the interstitial fluid spaces of your body. But here is the problem. We do not feel that the body is able to respond to a quarantined process nor is the local lymphatic system in most of our clients able to process the converted substances within the normal period of time. Part of our normal immune process for foreign substances like viruses and bacteria is to send in certain things that can convert the invaders into a non-threatening substance for easy processing and removal by the lymphatic system. Unfortunately, most of us are full of too much interstitial fluid and fascia restrictions within this extracellular space that prevents the quick diffusion of these invaders.

There is essentially a gridlock or traffic jam in most interstitial spaces for the “emergency vehicles” to reach the accident site or remove the wreckage during the cleanup process. So the quarantined substances just sits there waiting for something to happen. What we have found with our clients is that a quarantined fascial restriction can remain in place indefinitely. That is until something comes along to release the quarantine and allow the processing to take place. Tuning forks placed properly can release the tension and restriction on the quarantined area and also clear the way for the exit route to the lymphatic intake valves.

Of course, we are only thinking in terms of a couple milimeters, but that’s a mile in cell space. As for the concern over releasing the quarantined toxins, we feel that in most conditions like with a herpes simplex virus (type 1) for cold sores and fever blisters, the condition exists already in the body with the symptoms showing themselves as a cold sore. The virus is already present within the interstitial space regardless of whether the fascial system did its job to quarantine a small fraction of the virus. It’s still floating around in the interstitial spaces and is now stuck inside of a pocket directly underneath the cold sore. Our goal is to relieve the pain associate with the symptoms of the virus, release the quarantine underneath so the outer sores can dry up, and allow the immune process to resume underneath the skin.

Tuning fork vibrations do multiple things to the fascia and fluid spaces of the body. Removing these barriers to proper healing is a lot more effective than rubbing another foreign substance on the surface of the skin that will eventually be the next problem at some point in time. Think about it. The viruses and bacteria we see on the surface of the skin still has to be processed below the skin even if we see the sores dry up on the surface. We know by scientific research and experience with VFRT that the action of a weighted tuning fork can speed up the healing process to what seems like instantaneous changes and days of accelerated healing compared to normal processes if left alone. This is because there are multiple actions happening with the tuning fork treatments not present in a normal attempt at resolution. So with the proper knowledge, understanding, and precautions, we believe that skin-related conditions as a symptom of certain ailments can be resolved quickly if not instantly using weighted tuning forks and our method of Vibrational Fascia Release Technique(TM). Learn more about our world of VFRT on our website at

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