Live Online Workshop #22003: March 27 3pm to 5pm

Live Online Workshop: Weighted Tuning Fork Brain Drain Protocol

When: March 27th; 3pm to 5pm Eastern Standard Time

Total Time: 2 hours (approximately)

Delivery Method: Online Zoom Webinar

Start Time: Noon Eastern Standard Time (LaGrange, Indiana) USA

Cost: $100 USD due at registration

Use this protocol to relieve symptoms associated with: clinical depression, bipolar, anxiety, inability to focus, lack of concentration, memory loss, dementia, sleep disorders, autism “meldowns”, phobias, brain fog, addiction, chemical imbalances, ADHD, head injuries, high blood pressure, motor coordination diseases, and “emotional release”.

Notice: Performing this protocol is not a guarantee of a cure. 

Details: NEHC Academy is presenting a 2 hour Live Online Workshop on the vibration therapy protocol known as a “Brain Drain” using the weighted 128hz tuning fork. We will cover the following topics: 

Purpose of performing a Brain Drain protocol

Weighted Tuning Fork basic grip and strike

Fundamentals of fluid dynamics

Performing a modified Neck Flush from a sitting position

Performing a Brain Drain from a sitting position

Performing a modified neck flush from a laying position

Performing a Brain Drain from a laying position

Performing a modified neck flush using a gem foot attachment

Cautions and concerns

Questions and answers

Recording Option: This workshop will be recorded and made available for access on NEHC Academy’s website following the event. 

Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites. Attendees do not need prior knowledge in weighted tuning forks to attend. 

Required Equipment: No equipment or tuning forks are required at the event. If you want to follow along, we will be using one weighted 128hz tuning fork without attachments and one weighted 128hz tuning fork with a 25mm gem foot attachment. 

Completion Recognition: An electronic certificate of completion will be provided within 72 hours following the event. You do not need to be in live attendance to receive a completion certificate.

Cancellation Policy: In the event of technical problems at NEHC Academy, the event will be rescheduled at a later date. 

No Refund Policy: The purchase of this workshop is for the rights to the information either presented live during the online workshop or provided in previous or post-recorded content. NEHC Academy does not guarantee live communication during this event. If there are technical problems on the attendee’s part, the content will still be provided following the event. No refund will be awarded following the purchase of this event. 

Booklets and handouts: Electronic step-by-step handouts will be provided at the event. 

Technical Challenges: You will be required to load on a Zoom player on your computer prior to starting the event. Mobile devices may be used for the event. 

Contact Information: or phone text 269-579-5957