Fluids, Fascia, and Tuning Forks

The purpose of this post is to set the stage for our journey with understanding how interstitial fluids, collagen fascia fibers, and weighted tuning forks are the key ingredients to unlocking the secrets of healing with vibration. For anyone who doesn’t know us yet, we have a healing business called New Earth Healing Center LLC in Michigan where we have developed our own technique call Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (TM) using primarily the weighted 128hz tuning fork to resolve pain and increase range of motion in as little as a 45-minute session. We teach this VFRT to therapists around the world through our NEHC Academy. All of our Vibrational Therapists are seeing the same results.

There is a definite connection we are finding between compressed interstitial fluids in the superficial fascia layer and the fascia fibers that are helping to create these pressurized fluid spaces. We have been following the researchers, and we think there is more to the story. We believe that Neil Theise and Julian Baker are right on the money when it comes to the interstitium. There is a lot more “free fluid” spaces in our body than originally expected. What we are here to tell you all is that the problem with pressurized interstitial is worse that most people realize, it is causing most of our conditions. Just as Thomas Myers mapped the fascial lines, we have found a inter-connection with pain and restrictions to be related to fluid pressure along certain un-related lines. These discoveries that we are experiencing might be the missing piece to your puzzle, and we would like to fill you in on what we have found. This post is just the beginning if you are willing to follow our journey. Many of the people following this post are also certified in VFRT and also experience the same results.

You will see us share our case studies over the next few weeks concerning huge changes in pain relief and resolution in restrictions in joints and conditions across the body. We have reversed extreme lymphedema, restored mobility to several stroke paralysis clients, reduced restrictions in COPD, relieved lower back pain in 10 minutes, and resolved most head and neck-related conditions just from removing the interstitial fluids compressed in the neck. This particular protocol resolves almost anything in the head including hearing conditions (tinnitus, vertigo, hearing loss), eye conditions (cataracts, vision impairment, glaucoma, floaters), headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, face nerve pain, throat conditions, and TMJ just to name a few.

Please do not get wrapped around the claims you might think we are making since you know we cannot make claims. We do not have official research documentation as of yet, but we have a lot of data from our client work. We are clinicians using your research and putting the information into practice. We wanted you to know you were right. It does take stretch AND vibration to change the condition of a cell, and we believe that the tuning fork (when used correctly) can provide the change to the fascial structures. But you also have to consider the fluid component as well. So you are invited to come along on our journey and ask questions if you feel it benefits your work. We believe we have some of your missing pieces.

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