Edgar Cayce on Vibrational Healing

When it comes to applying what we know of sound healing to scientific research and theories, I have found a large amount of information in research papers and articles published in textbooks and publications that explain vibrational healing to some degree. At times, the search for more information takes me deep into the rabbit hole as one research paper leads to other papers with each one producing a never-ending list of references for further reading.

My recent studies brought me back to a source I have been deeply interested in for many years. Edgar Cayce was well known as the Sleeping Prophet because through a deep meditative state he was able to communicate incredible volumes of information on various subjects throughout the late 1800s and into the early 1900s up to his death in 1945. Over the years, I had read several of the earlier volumes interpreted and published from his non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E. Press).

In 2012, Kevin J. Todeschi republished the book, EDGAR CAYCE ON VIBRATIONS: Spirit in Motion, and the contents of that book have a direct impact on the fundamentals of healing with vibration. Kevin identifies that Edgar Cayce first mentioned vibration on July 26th, 1909 during a reading concerning a twenty-one month old boy suffering from a knee infection. The information captured from the Cayce reading focused on stimulating the boy’s nervous system through vibrations as the result from osteopathic adjustments and soft tissue manipulation which ultimately led to a stimulation of his elimination system.

Over the next 45 years, Edgar Cayce would reference vibration in healing, health, and treatment of illnesses and disease over one thousand times. Many of those readings referenced how the body and individual organs were designed to function optimally when vibrating at a specific frequency. When each part of the body vibrates at its “resonant” frequency, and equilibrium is reached which also influences the frequency of all other connected systems. The entire body is affected when one system, part, or organ is not operating within a proper vibration. In other words, discordant frequencies of an organ causes illness and disease.

Many of his readings associated with vibration-based healing involved several modalities and techniques to bring the individual parts back into a more optimal vibration to bring the body into a more “cooperative partner in the healing process”. At the time of his readings, healing modalities included osteopathic, chiropractic, holistic, pharmaceutical, dietary, meditative, and technical through several devices described in detail by the Cayce readings. Most healing devices described in the readings used some form of vibration and electrical current to stimulate various parts of the body back into a more optimum frequency. The Cayce readings on healing were also well known for castor oil packs along with other concoctions designed to stimulate fluid flow and eliminate toxins.

During my research to find the scientific data to support theories and concepts prevailing within our sound healing community, I was returned back to a source of information gained “by other means” through what could be considered intuitive and guided by certain entities. To use a common term among sound healers, Edgar Cayce’s readings really resonated with me and my understanding of both physical and non-physical reality. However, I was never a believer in blind faith of an intuitive source since the information is only as useful and accurate as the interpretation and perception of the receiver. If I believe in the process of channeled information, then it would make sense to also support the level of accuracy of Edgar Cayce information considering he was in a deep trance state during his readings.

As sound healers, we can learn a few things from the Edgar Cayce readings. First, there are no “one-size-fits-all” methodologies. Each Cayce reading on vibrational healing promotes multiple approaches to stimulate organs and systems into an optimal frequency. Second, each person is unique and so are the various frequencies in which our organs and systems operate. As we all ascend through the range of frequencies to reach our ultimate goal, our bodies are not all designed with the same set of optimum frequencies to reach an overall equilibrium. We should focus more on boosting vibrations where needed and rely on the organs and systems to adjust themselves to the proper frequency. We should all consider the impact of “helicopter healing” with trying to control the entire outcome and instead focus on removing the obstacles the body could not resolve on its own.

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