Chakra alignment with unweighted tuning forks

At NEHC, we have created protocols for the unweighted tuning fork set sold by Omnivos using the frequencies you see listed on the forks in the image. One particular protocol is for aligning the 7 major chakras in a way that might not be the same as the established standards we see in the sound healing community, but the results are worthy of consideration.

Since sound vibration is based on Newtonian physics, it is my belief that mechanical vibration cannot interact directly with electro-magnetic energy associated with the chakra and meridian system. Elecro-magnetic energy follows what most people consider Einsteinian theories where this type of energy can flow through objects like the tines of a tuning fork without affecting the physical vibration. There needs to be some sort of conversion between mechanical energy and electro-magnetic energy somewhere in the body to have tuning forks interact with the body’s electro-magnetic energy system.

We have found what we believe to be the main producer of electro-magnetic energy in connection to both the chakras and the meridian system. The fascia collagen fiber network is well known in biology to have piezo-electric properties, and researchers have been able to determine how each fiber creates its own electric oscillations and associated electro-magnetic energy when these fibers are under tension. Guess what, fascia collagen fibers are always under tension otherwise the inherent remodeling process will dissolve the fibers if they are not needed.

For the reasons I just stated, we hold our unweighted tuning forks within 3 to 5 inches from the body to affect the tension on the fascia fibers and adjust the tension on large portions of the body in what would be considered a re-calibration method. When the fascia fibers in a particular area of the body are all at similar tension, the associated electro-magnetic field will be aligned with other parts of the body since communication between two parts of an energy system are required to be near the same frequency.

We also believe that the spinning action of the chakra system is accomplished through these same fascia fibers which oscillate in a very specific succession to emit electro-magnetic energy in a cone pattern. This would be a similar action to a laser light show where a laser is spinning fast enough to make a cone appear in the air. We feel that the chakra has taken all of the focus away from the rest of the body as most practitioners attempt to provide as much energy into the chakra to get it to spin faster. But this process is only temporary if the surrounding fascia network is operating inefficiently due to scars, adhesions, and fluid pressure. In VFRT, we fix these fascia issues before attempting to recalibrate the chakras to effectively communicate with each other.

Our version of chakra balancing is to recalibrate each chakra to all other chakras. They all need to communicate with each other, and they cannot communicate if the entire body is not able to vibrate at the right frequencies along the meridian pathways. The more coherent, in tune, aligned, and calibrated the body is to all chakras the more likely the entire system can operate as designed. If we are using unweighted tuning forks, we need to engage the fascia fibers as close to the body as possible. Unweighted tuning forks typically produce about 65dB on a strike from an activator, and sound vibration cannot travel that far especially if the vibrations are traveling through layers of different density like from air to skin, skin to fluid layers, skin to bone, and skin to muscle. There must be enough vibration left to affect the fascia fibers at the layers deep enough for our purposes. Lucky for us that most fascia layers are closer to the outer skin layer and only a few centimeters below the skin’s surface.

So these are some things to consider that might fall outside of your current understanding of sound healing, and we welcome you to explore these ideas yourself and provide peer review and feedback. A process severely lacking in our sound healing community.

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