Case Study Trigeminal Nerve Pain

An Amish man come in with a diagnosed trigeminal nerve pain in his face just below the left eye. He was hit in the face by a tree limb in March, and the pain has been excruciating to the point that he is experiencing 4 to 5 episodes pain “surges” throughout the day that is so painful that he has passed out from the pain. He went to a chiropractor who said that the pain was not coming from the painful part on his face but it was coming from his atlas (c1) vertebrae being out. He continued to return each week for another adjustment, but the chiropractor stated that the vertebrae will not stay in place. When the man learned about us through a family member, he called an made an appointment. It took another week before we could see him, and during that time he was extremely nervous because he was afraid of the anticipation of pain that he thought he would receive from the treatment. It was already difficult for him to eat, wash his face, or brush his teeth because any movement near the face would cause extreme pain. He resorted to eating soft foods like pudding, yoghurt, mashed potatoes. There was no resolution and he was looking at a lifetime of pain.

He even brought his family in with him as a support system to keep him calm. Bobbi Jo did not start the treatment directly on the face. She worked on the back of the neck near the spine and loosened the fascia and fluid pressure around the neck. The atlas was not out when she assessed him. Then, she worked underneath his jaw line to release the fluid pressure there as well. The process released the tension on the superficial fascial layers pulling on the bones of the face. She started working on the other bony structures around the top of the eye at the brow that would be similar to a sinus pressure release. Finally, she started with placements below the eye from the side of the nose across the cheek bone and further towards the ear. He never once felt pain from the treatment.
After the treatment, he was able to press against every part of his face without any pain at all. It is our opinion that the pain was caused by fluid caught inside of the maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve which would put pressure on the tiny nervi nervorum nerves supplying sensory feedback of the nerve fiber. We have been studying fluid in the fascial layers which is the basis of our vibrational therapy, and Bobbi Jo noticed more fluid in a pocket along the cheek bone that felt different that most other fluid pockets. This one felt like the fluid had some thick substance inside of it. Most localized edema caused from tissue trauma will still feel like a tiny water balloon. This felt different. Once the fluid was released from the area, the pain was resolved. It has been over 24 hours and the client has not experienced any episodes of pain yet. We will keep you updated on his progress, but it is possible his pain was resolved with this one treatment. A treatment that did not hurt at all.
Update: On December 8th, we received feedback that this client has still not returned to his original condition. The nerve pain appears to be completely gone at this point 2 and a half months after the one treatment. 

Disclaimer: These reports are for information purposes only. They should not be considered official research studies that follow standard reporting protocols. This information is designed to promote discussion and introduce a novel therapeutic approach called Vibration Therapy with weighted tuning forks.  We are continuing to study the physiological response to a properly placed weighted 128hz tuning fork on a fluid-filled space, and we invite you to follow our work and contact us at if you are interested in learning more.  Please consult with a qualified medical professional if you are using this information for your own health care. Results have varied throughout our clients, and we have no expectation or claims that our approach will work for everyone in similar conditions.

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