Case Report Update: Tremors

Case Study Update: We have posted previously about having success with tremors with an Amish lady. Bobbi Jo started working on her in June, and at the time she had full tremors in both hands and up her arms. This was the result of an accident where she struck the back of her head and the scalp was peeled back. Her family had to hold her down while her husband applied a bonding agent to the scalp to hold it back in place.
Bobbi Jo had suspected there was swelling around the cerebellum which would affect the motor functions. She concentrated her focus on the occipital ridge at the back of the skull along with other vibration therapy techniques designed to aid in restoring proper fluid drainage from the skull. During the first treatment, the tremors stopped completely. However, they did start to gradually return a few days later to a much less degree. She came in weekly during the Summer months for about 3 months with continued lessening of the tremors each time and longer periods of time without returning. Eventually, she started coming in about once a month when we moved our Healing Center to Indiana (they are from Michigan).
She came in yesterday looking and acting like a different person. She is now back to baking pies and writing letters to her family. Things that most people take for granted, but these are essentials for an Amish lady. The treatments have worked so well that she is going to start coming in every 3 months now. She also felt sluggish with very little strength. She had to drink with a straw because a cup of water was too heavy. Bobbi Jo worked on her thyroid to release the fluid around the throat area. This helped her regain necessary strength for motor function as well.
This is another example of the need to understand anatomy and physiology of what we work on in the body. The Fluid Factor used in our therapy still applies to everything we’ve done so far, but it is also an understanding of where the fluid needs to go and how it drains in different parts of the body. Vibration Therapy doesn’t need to be a needle in the haystack when you know where to look and how parts are interrelated.
When she left the office on Monday, the only signs of tremors where a twitch in her two left fingers. That was it.

Disclaimer: These reports are for information purposes only. They should not be considered official research studies that follow standard reporting protocols. This information is designed to promote discussion and introduce a novel therapeutic approach called Vibration Therapy with weighted tuning forks.  We are continuing to study the physiological response to a properly placed weighted 128hz tuning fork on a fluid-filled space, and we invite you to follow our work and contact us at if you are interested in learning more.  Please consult with a qualified medical professional if you are using this information for your own health care. Results have varied throughout our clients, and we have no expectation or claims that our approach will work for everyone in similar conditions.

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