Case Report: Broken Jaw Recovery

Today, Bobbi Jo worked on a 6-yr old Amish girl who was in a horrible horse and buggy accident when she was one year old. She experienced a brain injury and her jaw was broken in several places. They had to wire her jaw shut for 6 months, and afterwards she could not eat any hard food beyond a baby food consistency.
Bobbi Jo worked on her jaw for 10 minutes and released the tension, scars, and fluid pressure so she could open her mouth. Afterwards, Bobbi Jo told her to walk over to a nearby bowl of candy and pick out a small Snicker’s bar to eat. She looked rather confused at this request since the girl had never been able to experience anything like this in her life. The girl opened the Snicker’s bar and ate the whole thing while tears rolled down her mother’s face. Then, she walked over and selected a Starburst candy which was a true test of her ability to chew properly. She ate the Starburst as well.
Everyone was so excited they talked about stopping at McDonald’s on the way home to catch her up on what she lost during the past 5 years. Her dad said they were also going to stop at the store and give her $20 to buy anything she wanted to eat.
This all happened just in time for her permanent teeth to grow in because the pressure against the gums had caused the teeth to grow in at an angle rather than straight.
Dysfunction should not be permanent no matter what they tell you. The healing process can stall if the tissue is not able to drain properly. The tuning forks can provide the necessary mechanism to fix these problems, and it can be resolved in a single session in most cases. This is a common occurrence at our Healing Center. Bobbi Jo had seen the mother and father for the first time two weeks ago to put them back together following the accident that occurred 5 years ago, and the mother’s whiplash was fully resolved in 15 minutes during a previous appointment.
Another thing to consider is that the jaw was no longer broken, so why could she not eat or open the jaw? What Bobbi Jo found was that the 6 months of not moving had caused the tissue trauma to prevent her from moving the jaw for over 5 years. We all need to rethink our understanding of rehabilitation and recovery from restricted movements following injuries and surgeries. We can resolve the problems immediately if you understand what to look for and have the proper tools and techniques to rehabilitate.
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