Avoiding Frequency Paralysis by Loving the Fork you are With

In our sound healing community, we are often asked about which frequency can heal certain ailments, organs, tissue, and systems. These questions are generally asked from someone researching which tuning fork to purchase or asked by a sound healer concerning a new client presenting a specific condition. Sometimes there are answers to those inquiries, but rarely are there any discussion or information on how to actually use the tuning fork to bring about a healing change to the current condition. Unfortunately, there is also not a discussion on how or why a specific frequency is expected to have a healing effect on the body at the exclusion of all other frequencies.

Whether the question about frequencies comes from a person new to tuning forks or a seasoned veteran, I often wonder why the question was asked in the first place. What is the catalyst to cause a person to search for a specific frequency as the ONLY solution available for any particular ailment? It does not take long to find the source of information on the Internet with a quick Google search to ask about what tuning fork or frequency can heal specific ailments. However, it does require a little more detective work to determine whether these frequencies tied to specific ailments are valid or worth spending additional money to buy more tuning forks. An even bigger concern is when healers refrain from using the tuning fork in their hand while waiting for the right answer on the correct frequency. We are seeing a crisis of Frequency Paralysis where a person will tend to not experiment with existing tuning forks because the generally accepted information within our sound healing community told them they did not have the right frequency or tuning fork.

Where is most of this frequency information coming from on the Internet to connect parts of the body to specific frequencies? In my opinion, one of the originators of the famous table of frequencies comes from Barbara Hero’s website Lambdoma.com. On her website, we learn that Barbara is “an artist, composer, mathematician, writer, is the inventor of the Lambdoma keyboard that is designed to help our well being by calling us to harmony of spirit, mind, emotion and physicality.” This information becomes very important when it comes to learning how she came about the table of frequencies often used by sound healers throughout the world.

On the second page of Barbara’s FAQ page, she answers a question “I’ve been finding the information about the frequencies of the different parts of the body etc very interesting, but was wondering how it is measured & what scale it is measured in ie hertz per second.” Barbara’s answer was, “the frequencies of the different organs of the body were provided by ultrasonic frequencies from one of the hospitals in my area. I then calculated the frequencies to be in musically audible reference octaves. The Hertz frequencies fall between the cracks of a piano keyboard so the scale is not a familiar one in the Western world.” https://lambdoma.com/lambdoma-questions-2.php

Frankly, I was shocked to read this information considering the impact these frequencies have made on the entire sound healing community including the thousands of tuning forks sold by various companies possibly based on those frequency tables. There are two main concerns I have with her response which leads me to question the validity of these particular frequencies. First, I’m going to assume that the ultrasonic frequency tables she obtained from her local hospital was used for ultrasound diagnostics. Second, she uses those frequencies to convert them mathematically into an audible scale so they can be played on her instrument. This is done through a mathematical process of lowering the frequencies from a much higher scale into lower octaves which falls within the audible range.

The problem with ultrasound frequencies is in the way the ultrasound process uses high frequency sound to sense for differences in tissue density. I have read through a few ultrasound manuals to find out the process they use to find the right frequencies, and the methods and process has everything to do with tissue density which is a difference science altogether than what we are looking for with healing a specific organ, tissue, or system. If our generally accepted concept of providing the right resonant frequency to cause an entrainment effect between the tuning fork and ailing cells, we are using the wrong frequencies for the wrong reasons. Frequencies specific to tissue density means the sound waves will bounce off the edges of a layer of tissue and return to the ultrasound device. To be more specific, it means the frequency is sufficient to travel through the other layers but not sufficient to pass through the tissue being detected. These frequencies are far from the true resonant frequency of the tissue and cells within the layer, and I cannot make a connection to the ability to heal the tissue just by using the listed frequencies.

My second concern is with the way Barbara converted the frequencies into an audible scale by reducing them down by several octaves. This process is used often in mathematics and music theory by converting scales for various purposes, but using the same philosophy in a clinical application like sound healing could change the expected outcome completely. If we believe in cells having a resonant frequency where they vibrate when healthy, then the cells need a specific frequency instead of calculated harmonics at higher or lower frequencies. In the physics of mechanical vibration, the receiving sensor can only react to a very small window of inputs or range of frequencies. Otherwise, there would be chaos in the processing of all received frequencies across a much larger range. The cell resonance theory requires exact fundamental frequencies instead of expecting that higher harmonics would provide the same results. We really need to be responsible in our sound healing community in the way we make conversions between frequency scales and between different types of energy waves if we expect to have an impact on healing our bodies with sound vibrations.

All of the previous information was presented to make this one point. Why are we creating limiting beliefs for ourselves when it comes to learning how to heal the body with tuning forks? We have inadvertently created our own box which could ultimately paralyze us into not using the tuning forks we already have to see what works and what does not. We should love the fork we are with instead of looking for that magical frequency expected to provide the only solution to the exclusion of all others.

At New Earth Healing Center, Bobbi Jo started out with zero expectations, no barriers, and no box to tell her which frequency to use during a healing session. By coincidence, she had a 128hz weighted tuning fork in her hand when her first client came in with 30 year old sciatic pain and left her office with no pain (it never returned). Since that day, we continued to test different frequencies and realized ourselves through trial and error that the method was more important than the frequency. In fact, we have created our Vibrational Fascia Release Technique(TM) based only on the 128hz weighted tuning fork. We would not have accomplished this success if we stuck to the established standards and suffered from Frequency Paralysis.

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