1803 Brain Anatomy Study Resources

Adrenal MedullaGland that releases adrenaline, increasing metabolic rate and heat production.
AmygdalaBrain region involved in emotional responses, memory, and decision-making.
Angular GyrusParietal lobe structure involved in spatial orientation and perception.
Anterior NucleusHypothalamic area implicated in temperature regulation.
Anterior Pituitary LobePituitary gland part that produces various hormones for physiological processes.
Arbor VitaeTree-like arrangement of white matter in the cerebellum, crucial for signal coordination.
ArteriolesBlood vessels in the skin influenced by the hypothalamus to affect heat loss or retention.
Basal GangliaGroup of nuclei in the brain involved in control of voluntary motor movements and various cognitive processes.
Blood TemperatureInternal monitor of body's temperature, influencing hypothalamic response.
BrainstemIncludes medulla oblongata and pons, controlling basic life functions.
Central SulcusGroove separating frontal and parietal lobes of the brain.
Cerebellar CortexOuter layer of the cerebellum, processing information from the spinal cord and brain.
Cerebellar PedunclesNerve tracts communicating between the cerebellum, brain, and spinal cord.
CerebellumStructure at the base of the brain crucial for balance, coordination, and fine motor control.
Cerebral AqueductNarrow channel connecting the third and fourth ventricles of the brain, allowing passage of CSF.
Cerebral CortexOuter layer of the cerebrum involved in complex cognitive functions.
Cingulate GyrusLimbic system structure involved in emotional processing and regulation.
Corpus CallosumBand of nerve fibers connecting the left and right cerebral hemispheres.
Frontal LobeBrain region responsible for complex cognitive functions, including reasoning and planning.
HippocampusVital for memory formation and spatial navigation.
HypothalamusBrain region controlling autonomic functions and hormone release.
Inferior Temporal GyrusTemporal lobe structure playing a role in object recognition.
Medulla OblongataPart of the brainstem regulating vital bodily functions.
Middle Cerebral ArteriesBranches of the internal carotid artery supplying the lateral aspects of the brain.
Middle Frontal GyrusPart of the frontal lobe involved in cognitive functions.
Occipital LobePrimary visual processing center of the brain.
Paraventricular NucleusHypothalamic nucleus involved in hormone release and stress response.
Parietal LobeProcesses sensory information like touch and spatial awareness.
Pituitary GlandThe "master gland" regulating various bodily functions through hormone release.
Postcentral GyrusRepresents the primary somatosensory cortex, essential for processing tactile information.
Precentral GyrusKnown as the primary motor cortex, responsible for voluntary motor function.
Superior Temporal GyrusPart of the temporal lobe involved in auditory processing and memory.
Temporal LobeInvolved in processing auditory information and memory.
ThalamusActs as the brain’s relay station for sensory and motor signals.
ThyroidGland influenced by the hypothalamus to regulate metabolic rate and heat production.
Ventromedial NucleusHypothalamic nucleus critical for satiety and body weight regulation.