1802 Nervous System Anatomy Study Resources

AdrenalineHormone increased by the sympathetic system to aid in fight or flight responses.
Autonomic Nervous SystemSystem that regulates involuntary body functions, including the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.
BladderOrgan whose contraction is inhibited by the sympathetic system and controlled by the parasympathetic system.
BronchiAir passages in the lungs, constricted by the parasympathetic and relaxed by the sympathetic system.
CraniosacralOrigin of parasympathetic nerves from the cranial and sacral regions.
Digestive ActivityProcess stimulated by the parasympathetic and inhibited by the sympathetic system.
Dorsal Root GanglionLocation housing cell bodies of sensory neurons in the reflex arc.
EpinephrineHormone, synonymous with adrenaline, released by the sympathetic nervous system.
Fight or FlightResponse prepared by the sympathetic system for intense physical activity.
GallbladderOrgan stimulated by the parasympathetic system for bile release.
Heart RateFunction decreased by the parasympathetic and increased by the sympathetic system.
HomeostasisMaintenance of stable internal conditions balanced by parasympathetic and sympathetic interactions.
InterneuronNeuron that relays signals in the reflex arc.
LiverOrgan affected by both the parasympathetic (bile release) and sympathetic (glucose release) systems.
Motor NeuronNeuron that carries signals to muscles in the reflex arc.
NorepinephrineHormone released by the sympathetic system similar to adrenaline.
OrgasmFunction stimulated by the sympathetic system.
Parasympathetic Nervous SystemSystem promoting "rest and digest" activities.
PupilEye part constricted by the parasympathetic and dilated by the sympathetic system.
Reflex ArcPathway for rapid response to stimulus without conscious brain involvement.
SalivationProcess stimulated by the parasympathetic and inhibited by the sympathetic system.
Sensory NeuronNeuron transmitting signals in the reflex arc.
Spinal CordCentral structure in the nervous system for nerve emergence.
Sympathetic Nervous SystemSystem involved in "fight or flight" responses.
ThoracolumbarOrigin of sympathetic nerves from the thoracic and lumbar regions.
Vagus NerveMajor parasympathetic nerve affecting the heart, lungs, and digestive tract.