1305 Kidney Anatomy Study Resources

CortexThe outermost part of the kidney, involved in blood filtration and containing the glomeruli.
MedullaThe inner region of the kidney, consisting of renal pyramids that taper into papillae.
Renal PyramidsCone-shaped tissues in the medulla that taper into papillae.
PapillaeThe innermost ends of the renal pyramids, extending into minor calyces.
Minor CalycesCup-shaped structures that collect urine from the papillae.
Major CalyxA structure formed by the convergence of several minor calyces, collecting urine.
Renal PelvisA funnel-shaped structure that collects urine from the major calyces and channels it into the ureter.
UreterThe tube that transports urine from the kidney to the bladder.
Renal ArteryThe artery that carries oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood into the kidney for filtration.
Renal VeinThe vein that carries filtered, deoxygenated blood away from the kidney.
HilumThe indented area on the kidney’s surface where the renal artery and vein enter and exit.
NephronsThe functional units of the kidney, responsible for filtering blood.