Tibetan Singing Bowl Certification Course

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September 1st, 2018 to October 31st, 2018 for training. Additional time will be required to complete 25 hours of independent practice and 5 case studies for the final certification.


There are two different payment options for this course.

One-time discounted payment:

$350 due at registration.


Two installments:

$400 for the entire course. $200 due at registration and $200 due at the beginning of the second month. Registration payment deadline is August 15th, 2018.

All payments are non-refundable. No exceptions. All prices are in USD.

Course Type:

This course is group-paced starting on September 1st, 2018 as a distinct class of approximately 10 students. All students for this class will start and end together and progress through both months at the same pace. All training content will be provided at a distance, and students will NOT be required to travel or attend training at a physical location.

Course Content:

This course will focus primarily on hand-hammered, Tibetan-style singing bowls. Students will learn techniques, protocols, and methods specific to those used by practitioners at New Earth Healing Center LLC. Content will progress throughout each month from beginner fundamentals and chiming/singing techniques in the first month to more progressive techniques in the second month.

Students of this class will be communicating with each other through a private Facebook group. The intent and flow of this course is based on a new sound healer with no experience. Students with sound healing and Tibetan singing bowl experience will still gain knowledge and experience with techniques, methods, and protocols used by our practitioners.

This course will follow the experiences, knowledge, understanding, processes, and protocols developed by New Earth Healing Center LLC. Students will be given an “all access pass” to see how and why these processes, procedures, and protocols were developed throughout the growth of our business. Our trainers and practitioners are not medical professionals, so the information provided in this course are based on personal opinions, beliefs, and experiences. Some information may not be found in formal science documentation.

Tibetan-style healing tools are usually based on traditions of many different cultures throughout the world. While we recognize and celebrate the cultural significance of using Tibetan-style singing bowls in a healing environment, the methods, techniques, and protocols learned in this course are not based on a specific tradition or culture. Methods used by New Earth Healing Center Practitioners were developed based on knowledge and experience while working with clients for relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, and pain relief.

Course Outline:

Fundamentals and history of Tibetan-style singing bowls

Basic chiming and singing techniques

How to match pairs, triads, and sets for a typical sound healing session

Room placement for various singing bowl protocols

Methods and protocols for guided meditation, chakra healing, pain and anxiety relief, nervous system re-tuning and balancing, and holding group sound healing events

This is a typical course outline. In order to respond to the unique characteristics of each class, content may be added or deleted from the course curriculum as needed by the training staff.

Minimum hours per month:

Our students typically spend on average 4 to 5 hours per week on reviewing materials, practicing, communicating with the group, and completing paperwork. We realize that most of our students also have full-time employment, so we have built our courses for optimal flexibility so that the workload can be distributed throughout the month according the student’s unique needs.

Required Class Equipment:

Prior to beginning of class on September 1st:

By the first day of class, students are required to have at least one hand-hammered, Tibetan-style singing bowl (6-inch diameter or greater) and a striking/singing stick with at least half covered in suede. The singing bowl can be purchased by any manufacturer or country. The note, frequency, and style of singing bowl is at the preference of the student. Singing bowls that have been turned on a lathe (turned bowls) and equivalent bowls such as Japanese Rin Gongs are not allowed during class as the required practice equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns prior to purchasing your class bowl.

We will be teaching how to select bowls for unique pairs, triads, and sets. We feel that one singing bowl can provide the necessary environment for a basic sound healing session, two bowls are better for total relaxation and chakra sessions, and a properly matched three-bowl triad is optimal for most techniques, methods, and protocols learned within this course. We will teach you our specific methods along with a modified one-bowl option for you to use while building up your singing bowl collection.

Our practitioners perform singing bowl sessions with the client laying on a typical massage table. Although not a requirement for class, additional equipment or materials may be purchased at some point to provide a more effective sound healing environment. For example, our practitioners have purchased stools to place around the massage table so the singing bowls will be at the same level as the client. We have also purchased materials to place underneath the singing bowls to prevent them from moving or making loud noises on a hard surface.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the required class equipment will clear any shipping customs issues prior to registering for the course. All payments are non-refundable.

Electronic Requirements:

Students are required to have access to a computer or equivalent electronic device and the Internet to complete course assignments and participate in group communication and activities.

Students are required to have access to a video recording device to record the final practical exam. This video recording device must be able to upload, share, or transmit a video to the trainer for review.

All content for this course will be electronic. No shipping of tools and materials will be required for our students with the exception of the required equipment as indicated above. NEHC Academy is located in Michigan, USA, Eastern Time Zone (UTC-4).

Certification Requirements:

All students are required to participate and complete the entire 2-month course. This course is divided into monthly milestones corresponding to the beginning of each month. Within each individual month, students will have access to training content, view a minimum of two live videos, and complete a quiz. If students are not able to attend the live videos, a recording will be provided for review. Monthly quizzes will cover all content within the month including the live video content. These quizzes are used to indicate areas of focus and will not be a pass/fail requirement.

During the 2-month curriculum, each student must complete 25 hours of independent practice on family, friends, or clients and 5 case studies. A final certification certificate will be provided upon completion and review of the independent practice logs and case studies.

Upon receipt of your certification certificate, you may use the credentials as a New Earth Healing Center Sound Healer (practitioner). This certification can be used in conjunction with any other method of sound healing.


Fill out the registration form using the button below. NEHC Academy staff will review your registration and contact you with a link to make your first payment. Students are considered fully registered upon receipt of the first payment.

Registration will end on August 15th, and all payments must be made by this date. We will also close registration for this class when we reach 10 paid registrations.

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