Vibrational ChronoTherapy (VCT) Certification Course

This method of vibrational therapy primarily uses unweighted tuning forks and sets of forks to recalibrate the body by taking advantage of the inherent timing of cells, systems, circuits in the brain and throughout the body.

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Overall categories and areas of focus for VCT are:

  • Walk (Gait) and Talk (Speech) Rehabilitation
  • Motor-function Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Therapy (memory, behavioral, emotional

Stuttering, slurred speech, Paralysis rehab, tremors, Parkinsons, MS, Huntingtons, CP, physical therapy, injury and surgery rehab, sports injuries, dyslexia, balance, tinnitus, blurred vision, clumsiness, hiccups, dementia, repressed memory, addiction recovery, schizophrenia, bipolar, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, ADHD, OCD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), emotional clearing

Please note that VCT is not used for pain relief or relieving mobility restrictions.

Currently there is over 7 hrs of video content and written content to coincide with the video information.  The course includes knowledge information on why Vibrational ChronoTherapy is an important tuning fork therapy. We will show you two main protocols to calibrate the auditory and the sensory nervous system located throughout the entire body. A step-by-step manual of both protocols is provided in the first protocol module.  There is a video discussing the unweighted tuning fork sets used in VCT located in the first Introduction module.

You are NOT required to own tuning forks prior to learning VCT. You can learn the material before choosing the tuning forks or sets or you can select tuning forks from your existing sets. We recommend choosing forks from your existing sets that are in the range of 100hz to 300hz because the sensors in our skin are designed for greater sensitivity within this range. We use 5 tuning forks for each protocol, so if your sets are based on higher frequencies, try to stay below 500hz since the length of the tines are too short to push the air molecules with enough strength needed to affect the skin receptors.

Recommended Sets: 

Biosonics Brain Tuners: Fundamental 256hz, Beta 269hz, Alpha 265hz, Theta 262hz, Delta 259hz. This set can be used for both the Binaural and Full Body Protocols

Omnivos Chakra Set: Root 194.18hz, Sacral 210.42hz, Solar Plexus 126.22hz, Heart 136.1hz, Throat 141.27hz, 3rd Eye 221.23hz, Crown 172.06hz. This set works well for the Full Body Protocol, but it can also work for the Binaural even though they do not generate the traditional brainwave states.