Tuning Fork Basics Online Course

NEHC Academy presents Tuning Fork Basic Training for weighted and unweighted tuning forks. This video is 4 hours and 13 minutes of training on the basic uses of tuning forks for personal and professional healing. Viewers of this video do to require any prior knowledge of tuning forks and do not need to own a tuning fork in order to learn from the video. The content of this training will aid in understanding what tuning forks might be right for you during the purchasing decision. THIS IS NOT A CERTIFICATION COURSE.



01:35 Basic use of an unweighted tuning fork 06:08 Anatomy of an unweighted tuning fork 07:31 Frequency and Hertz 09:37 Anatomy of a weighted tuning fork 13:50 Using tuning forks for healing (weighted and unweighted) 15:53 Balance and engineering fundamentals of a weighted tuning fork 21:07 Grip considerations for weighted tuning forks 24:17 Finding the fulcrum point of a weighted tuning fork 25:09 Basic understanding of fascia, fluids, and weighted tuning forks (VFRT) 29:32 Materials used to make tuning forks 36:10 Concerns for adding extensions to a tuning fork 38:20 Gem foot attachments and other extensions 45:30 Considerations for purchasing from a supplier 46:00 Basic understand of the Ohm weighted tuning fork (136.1hz) 48:37 Comparison between Ohm weighed and unweighted tuning forks 49:23 Considerations for a weighted 128hz tuning fork for a healing business 51:18 Comparison of weighted tuning fork lengths and frequencies 54:48 Concerns for purchasing low-cost tuning forks online 1:04:17 Biosonics Body Tuners C and G unweighted tuning forks 1:05:25 Biosonics Solar Harmonic set and the Body Tuners 1:10:36 Adjustable weighted tuning forks 1:14:01 More considerations and concerns for attachments and extensions 1:16:30 Concerns over using rubber ball attachments 1:23:43 Introduction to mallets 1:27:19 Introduction to activators 1:31:53 Striking an activator with a weighted tuning fork 1:35:45 Striking tuning forks against each other 1:38:47 Concerns for striking high frequency tuning forks 1:43:02 Grip and strike with mallets on unweighted tuning forks 1:51:06 Striking unweighted tuning forks on an activator 2:02:04 Constructive and destructive interference 2:06:48 Striking weighted tuning forks on an activator 2:16:03 Using the hand as an activator for striking weighted tuning forks 2:31:03 Grip and strike with two unweighted tuning forks 2:47:10 Grip and strike with three unweighted tuning forks 2:52:21 Introduction to Calibration and Tracking with unweighted tuning forks 3:00:04 Alternative grips for weighted tuning forks 3:06:02 Alternative grips for unweighted tuning forks 3:08:07 Marking your tuning forks for easy identification 3:12:09 Introduction to binaural beat and tracking auditory process 3:16:22 Using the Biosonics Brain Tuner set for binaural beat methods 3:25:45 Introduction to mechanical energy and physics of sound 3:38:56 Introduction to the neuron cell 3:39:58 Applying to cell resonance theory to sound healing 3:42:27 Understanding our external nerve receptors and the auditory system 3:46:21 Understanding our nervous system impulse travel route to the brain 3:53:33 Introduction to brain mapping and the Pacinian Corpuscle receptors