Sound Healing for Relaxation Certification Course

This certification course will focus primarily on using sound healing tools and methods for the purpose of relaxation. You will be certified as a New Earth Sound Healer to perform our methods, techniques, and protocols on family, friends, and clients. You may add anything learned in this certification course (in part or in whole) to your existing sound healing business. You may use the credentials as a certified New Earth Sound Healer or Practitioner upon receiving the graduation certificate.

Content covered within this course will consist of (but not limited to) weighted and unweighted tuning forks, Tibetan-style singing bowls, bells, tingshas, and crystals. All of these sound healing tools will be used within various session protocols in different combinations to accomplish the same goal of bringing the client into a state of deep relaxation. Students are not required to have a detailed understanding of these sound healing tools prior to the course. See section below on Required Class Equipment for additional details.

See below for more details.


This course will follow the experiences, knowledge, understanding, processes, and protocols developed by New Earth Healing Center practitioners. Students will be given an “all access pass” to see how and why these processes, procedures, and protocols were developed throughout the growth of our business. Our trainers and practitioners are not medical professionals, so the information provided in this course are based on personal opinions, beliefs, and experiences. Some information may not be found in formal science documentation.

Note: Techniques, methods, and protocols of this course will not cover physical ailments.

Required Class Equipment:

Prior to beginning of the course:

Students are required to have at least one singing bowl with a “singing stick”. We recommend also having at least two weighted and two unweighted tuning forks. The tuning forks and singing bowls can be of any frequency, size, and manufacturer. Two or more of each sound healing tool is preferred for a better experience. We will cover several different methods and protocols for many configurations with the understanding that you will grow your business over time and add more tools along the way.

Technology Requirements:

Students are required to have access to a computer or equivalent electronic device and the Internet to complete course assignments and participate in group communication and activities.

All content for this course will be online. NEHC will not ship any tools or training materials from our office. NEHC Academy is located in Michigan, USA, Eastern Time Zone (UTC-4) for the purpose of classroom training.

Certification Requirements:

All students are required to complete the entire course, and students will have access to training content and communicate with the instructor on their experiences with using the methods and techniques learned in this course.

Completion of online content: Students are required to complete the content provided on the NEHC website. This includes a final exam which will cover the course content. Our learning management system will track the completion of the content and the exam. Students are required to complete and pass an assessment test covering information outlined in this course.

Certification Process:

Final Exam: When you have completed all of the Lessons, contact your instructor to gain access to your final exam. A passing score is 80%. Students will retake the exam for any score below 80%.

Student Case Studies: When you are ready to complete your final exam, you will also have access to submit your own case studies of clients, family, or friends where you have used the methods and techniques used within this course. Complete 5 case studies on clients using the methods, protocols, and techniques learned in the Sound Healing for Relaxation Course. At a minimum, at least one singing bowl must be used in the session with the goal to bring the client into a deep state of relaxation. Your instructor will review and case studies as a part of the certification process.

Obtaining your Certificate: Once the lesson content has been completed along with a passing score of the final exam and the review of your case studies, you will receive an electronic version of your Certification from NEHC Academy. This will conclude your course requirements.