Fat Burning Techniques

This self-paced course will cover the techniques and protocols for our Fat Burning sessions to include plastic wrapping, double-chin, flabby arms, stomach, butt lift, thighs, body contouring, and boob lift. We also discuss the science and concepts around fat burning like where the fat goes, what happens with a fat burning session, contraindications, and how to measure before and after for each session. The videos appearing in this course are from a 2-hr weekend workshop provided through Facebook Live where we work through each technique on a client.

Equipment used in this mini-course: weighted 128hz tuning fork

The first video of this course is the actual webcam feed from the live workshop, and the additional videos includes different camera angles from high definition video cameras and a close up angle on the client’s face for some aspects of the technique. Upon completion of this course, you will be provided with an electronic certification certificate to use this technique as you see fit without your own business.