Anti-Aging Protocol Workshop

NEHC Academy presents the Anti-Aging Protocol workshop for weighted tuning forks. This content includes written information on the science supporting our method and techniques. We have included the video recording for the live, online workshops and the video of the protocol shown during the workshop. This course is on demand and can be completed at any time.


NEHC Academy presents an on-demand Workshop on a series of vibration therapy protocols known as a “Anti-Aging” using the weighted 128hz tuning fork on the face, hair, and neck. We will cover the following topics:

Purpose of performing Anti-Aging protocols;
Weighted Tuning Fork basic grip and strike;
Fundamentals of fluid dynamics;
Acne Reduction (forehead and chin);
Hair loss/gray hair;
Wrinkle Reduction Protocol (Smoker’s lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet);
Reduction of puffiness and redness in the face;
Under-eye bags;
Straightening a crooked nose;
Double chin (turkey neck) reduction;
Jowl reduction;

Pre-requisites: Attendees do not need prior knowledge in weighted tuning forks to attend.

Required Equipment: No equipment or tuning forks are required at the event. If you want to follow along, we will be using weighted 128hz tuning forks both with (15mm & 25mm) and without attachments.

Completion Recognition: An electronic certificate of completion will be provided after completion of all modules for a total of 5 hours of instruction.

Booklets and handouts: Electronic step-by-step manual will be provided at the top of the first module.