Online Live Facebook Event Registration


11am to 6pm EST (8am to 3pm PST) both Saturday and Sunday

Class Type: Andrew and Bobbi Jo Weaver will broadcast to the class through live video. Paul Elison will co-teach and monitor communication over Facebook chat.

Saturday Content: This first day is primarily information-based with some activities throughout the day to practice the 10 Core Skills. 

Sunday Content: The second day will consist of a demonstration of each protocol group followed by a designated time to practice on someone at the student’s location.

Practice Body: Students are not required to have a “practice body” to participate. Practice bodies must be human and over the age of 14. Please use your own judgement when choosing a family member to work on during this event. The practice person does not need to have the condition we are working on with each protocol.

Registering for the class: Fill out the registration form below and pay the tuition. We will send you a link to join the private Facebook Group where the class will be broadcast live.

How to attend the live class: When the live broadcast begins on Facebook Live at the times posted above, you will receive a Facebook announcement that we are now live. When the announcement appears as a popup, click on the announcement to access the video. Or go to the Facebook Group at the start of class and the live video stream will appear in your group stream as a post.

Viewing videos after the event: NEHC Academy will post the recorded videos in the group for access following the event. You will also have access to videos in the Therapists Only page following your certification.

Student Manual: NEHC Academy will provide a link to download the electronic student manual in the Facebook group. You are allowed to print your own manual for the event.

Certification Requirements: Participants in the live Facebook event will receive an official certification within 3 days following the event. No additional actions are required to complete your certification with the live event. However, we do require you to participate live during the entire event as we will be reviewing each protocol practice session.


There are no pre-requisites for this class. Students do not need any prior knowledge of weighted tuning forks. We do not provide any materials for pre-learning prior to the class.


This class will focus on methods and techniques for using weighted tuning forks for pain relief along with recovery and rehabilitation of acute and chronic conditions. In the class, we will cover the proper striking, sensing, and placement techniques used by New Earth Healing Center practitioners using our Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (TM). We will also cover the information necessary to the student to understand the unique nature of human anatomical systems to aid with determining the right place to initially place a tuning fork during a session.

Click here to learn more about VFRT.

NEHC Academy has the right to modify any part of training based on the needs of the class.

Required equipment:

Students are required to use a 128hz weighted tuning fork, a 15mm, and a 25mm gem foot for class. The tuning fork can be from any manufacturer, and the gem feet can be any crystal type. Full metal attachment feet are not an acceptable replacement due to the excess weight.  

The gem foot attachments can be purchase from in the United States or from this link in Europe.

Note: Not all weighted tuning forks are manufactured with the same quality. We have found that tuning forks sold by and those by the same manufacturer Riverbank Labs have the quality we prefer for our own business and for our VFRT Therapists.

Waiver Exception for this Online Facebook Event: Due to the short notice of this event, we are waiving the requirement to have the necessary equipment prior to the class. This requirement should not prevent you from registering and participating. Please note that we do expect that you will use the required equipment when performing VFRT after certification especially if you expect to receive the same results as other VFRT Therapists. 

Payment Options:

Due to the short notice of class, a full tuition payment of $900 is required at registration. 

A payment page will be provided directly following the submission of your Registration Form. Please wait for the Payment Page to load. 

Refund Policy: All payments are non-refundable. 

Additional Costs: There are no additional costs for books or equipment for the class other than the information provided in the Required Equipment section. We do not charge extra for class manuals, and we do not ship printed manuals to our students for online classes.

Cancellation Policy:

NEHC Academy may cancel the class due to unforeseen circumstances or technical issues. In the event of a cancellation, the class will be scheduled for another date. Class payments will be transferred to the next available class of the same type.