Entrainment 1-3: Applied to Sound Healing

Entrainment and resonance as applied to healing:

Many energy or vibrational methods are being re-introduced into the complementary and alternative healing community, so a greater understanding of entrainment and resonance will help the healer and healed understand why vibration can have such a profound effect on the body.

In addition to the basic understanding that every cell in our body vibrates, we should also consider the multitude of different frequencies (or vibrations) being received and transmitted throughout the body at any given moment.

In the image to the left, notice how the two waves interact with each other as the waves collide. Although we see the vibrations in the form of concentric rings, this is the same concept as the peaks and troughs referenced in the previous lesson. We are just viewing the vibrations and waves from above instead of a side view.

Vibrations as healing energy

We can use some terms interchangeably between vibrations, frequencies, and energy. All energy is a vibration at its core, and a vibration is considered a frequency when you add in the time factor. All three of these terms do not consider the movement of a frequency wave and the sensor receiving the vibrations. We will discuss these concepts in a later lesson.

We are very familiar with energy-based medical diagnostic equipment like an EKG measuring the energy being transmitted from the heart and an EEG measuring electromagnetic energy being transmitted from the brain.

Energy-based healers use their own trained body receptors to sense the same energy transmissions coming from different areas of the body. An energy healer can feel sensations ranging from heat to actual vibrations on or above the skin. Some people can even sense the pain from another person in their own body, which assists in the healing process to focus efforts on a certain area as a diagnostic or feedback measure. The ability to sense pain from another person is often referred to as “Empathic.”

This video will help explain the diagnostics capabilities healers use with their hands.