Entrainment 1-5: Silencing the alarm

Silencing the pain alarm with entrainment:

Now let’s use what we have learned into a practical application. Sound healers will use a combination of techniques to scan the body for pain signals and then apply energy (vibrations) from various tools to help the cells, tissues, and body systems to return to a normal state of well-being.

In this lesson, we are going to focus on how entrainment is used to sense pain in the body as a diagnostics tool and a method of feedback.

The first focus of entrainment is on the signal being transmitted by pain in the body. Let’s say the pain is caused by inflammation in the lower back near the sciatic nerve. A healer will place hands on or near the pain site and sense a particular pulsing phenomenon known in physics as a “beat.”

This beat sensation is caused by the difference in frequency between the inflamed cells and the surrounding healthy cells. In the image to the left, we can see this difference between the two frequencies and the cause of the pain signal beat. An injured cell will vibrate slower than a healthy cell. We should also consider the tightness of a swollen or inflamed tissue also causing the cells to vibrate slower.

When the tuning fork is placed near the slower pain frequency, the slower frequency (pain) must entrain to the higher frequency (tuning forks). Eventually the pain pulsing sensation will slow down as the pain frequency nears the vibration of the tuning forks and the surrounding cells. Once all of the cells have been entrained, the pain alarm is silenced and the sensation of pain should subside. Now the real healing begins.

This video will show how healers understand the pain signal.