Glaucoma Case Study

This glaucoma case study is coming from one of our Amish clients. Bobbi Jo started tuning fork vibration therapy treatments on her in August for glaucoma. She had been wearing glasses since childhood, but she only started experiencing the pressure build up associated with glaucoma about two years ago. She was professionally diagnosed by an allopathic medical doctor with glaucoma and received periodic pressure readings as the pressure continuously increased over the past two years.
At the first treatment in August, the pressure was 17 (left) and 20 (right). The doctor gave her medication to reduce the pressure, but she refused to take it. Bobbi Jo performed a typical vibrational therapy treatment for approximately 30 minutes with a weighted 128hz tuning fork with and without a clear crystal gem foot attachment in the appropriate method and locations focusing on reducing the fluid pressure in the orbital cavity and around the superficial tissue layers of the face and forehead. The same technique was used in 4 total treatments spaced approximately 3 weeks apart and over a month and a half between the third and fourth treatment.
After the second treatment, she returned to the doctor for a routine pressure reading which reduced for the first time in two years down to 12 (L) and 15 (R). The doctor stated that the reading was either inaccurate or temporary due to the drop in pressure without medical intervention. Two weeks prior to the most recent and fourth treatment today, the pressure readings were 8 (L) and 9 (R). Her doctor indicated that she was no longer considered to have glaucoma in the left eye with a reading of 8. Bobbi Jo performed the fourth treatment today on both eyes to further reduce the pressure.
We have experienced similar results with other Amish clients where eye pressure consistent with a glaucoma diagnosis was reduced down to normal levels with only our tuning fork vibration therapy treatments as an intervention, and the results have lasted without any additional treatments as confirmed by pressure readings about 6 months later.
The purpose of this post is to share our experiences at New Earth Healing Center specific to resolving glaucoma-related pressure symptoms with weighted tuning fork vibration therapy. We have experienced repeatable results with 3 clients and continue to capture more data as Bobbi Jo’s schedule continues to fill with our local Amish community where most of our clients are trying to stay as holistic as possible without surgical or pharmaceutical intervention.
I will continue to write more about the science behind the results. Even though the technique is fairly new with using tuning forks as a clinical intervention, the rapid reduction in fluid pressure is a result of stretch and vibration mentioned over 5 times in David Lesondak’s publications and the fascial anatomy of the orbital cavity follows the information presented in Carla Stecco’s Functional Atlas.
It is our goal to connect the dots between vibration and rapid fluid pressure release within the interstitial spaces. We will continue to “follow the fluid” and show that interstitial fluid pressure can diffuse through compartmentalized, edema-like fluid pockets if the tissue is stretched and vibrated in a micro-scale. Also, consider the information presented by research papers where Neil Theise continues to speak about small fluid pockets forming in different tissue throughout the body as fibroblasts (possibly) create a barrier around toxic substances or provide a barrier between fluid and tissue similar to the endothelial linings of our vasculature systems.
We are experiencing the same things within the tissue on a macro-level with edema-like fluid filling much of the tissue to create pain and movement dysfunction. This treatment with glaucoma pressure symptoms follows the same concept.

Disclaimer Information

The names we use are not the real names for the clients. We will not take before or after pictures of our Amish clients. The information we share is for awareness and should not be used for scientific study nor do we ever make a “claim” of a cure for a specific ailment. Our experiences are likely not to follow traditional results from the medical community, and it is our goal to show you something different. We are, in fact, experiencing extra-ordinary results to show that vibrational therapy can do things previously thought as permanent conditions.

The Amish community is unique because of their lifestyle, but we see some of the same conditions as the “English” non-Amish clients. Some of those things have really surprised us and will likely surprise you as well. Bobbi Jo works on entire families from newborns to elderly (90+) to include pre and post natal care. We work on members of the family weekly to resolve many conditions. We will provide more details in the following case studies. Please take what you can from our case studies. If you do not believe what we post, then come and see for yourself rather than entering into a debate with no constructive discussion. There is something new and different happening here, and we hope you are willing to come along for this journey with us.

Finally, NEHC Academy is a training part of New Earth Healing Center, so we make some of our income from training the methods, techniques, and protocols we use in our own business. We generally do not provide step-by-step actions on how we do something we report in our posts. We have given away a lot of free training and videos, but keep in mind that some information requires in-depth training in anatomy and physiology rather than a paint-by-numbers protocol. Also, not all of the results we experience are just from VFRT and VCT therapies. We have an entire suite of therapeutic unique techniques that we use for specific purposes that will end up being part of a full suite of techniques in the near future.