Fat Burning and Body Sculpting Sessions

What to expect:

Within a 45-minute session, we will measure a target location on your body with a measuring tape. Depending on the location, you will likely lay on our massage table (fully clothed) and our practitioner will apply medical-grade, tuning forks on several locations in the targeted area.

We usually spend 20 minutes on each side to ensure an even loss. At the end of the session, you will be measured again in the same location to compare a before and after loss of inches.

 Typical results:

Most clients experience a loss between 1 to 5 inches per session. Results may vary depending on the amount of existing fat and inflammation in the location and amount of time for the session.

How it works:

Our tuning forks are designed to vibrate your cells and tissues to release inflammation. The vibration from the tuning forks also heat and liquefy the fat cells causing some fat to move into your elimination system while some fat will also re-solidify in another location based on gravity. It is the combination of fat liquefaction and removal of inflammation in your tissues around the targeted area that are responsible for the loss of inches.

How long will it last?

This is a question we are often asked because there are very few methods available where you can target fat removal in a specific area. The loss of fat and inflammation in a targeted area should remain gone until new fat or inflammation has been deposited in the same location. After all, the targeted substances have moved into another location for elimination or redistribution in most cases. Most clients will continue to lose more inches over multiple sessions and experience additional losses in conjunction with changes to lifestyle and eating habits. We believe that the fat and inflammation most people accumulate is caused from what you are eating instead of how much you are eating. We work with our clients to determine the main triggers for inflammation, fat accumulation, and build up of toxins. We also recommend a healthy eating lifestyle to complement your change in body composition.

Body sculpting sessions:

Some clients prefer to focus on “sculpting” specific areas of the body like underneath the arms, the thighs, and the buttocks. Our tuning forks are very successful in these areas as well. You can choose your target area at the beginning of each session. It is recommended that you stick with one area per session because the longer we apply the tuning forks to an area the greater the results.

Elimination of fat and toxic substances:

Most clients will experience a discharge or elimination at some point after the session usually through the bowels. Drinking plenty of water before and after the session will assist in moving as much of the released fat, inflammation, and toxins into your elimination system.