Down Syndrome Case Study

Down Syndrome case study with our Amish clients:
We saw a second family yesterday with a Down Syndrome child. Technically, that would be three people with Down Syndrome because we suspect a baby in the first family to also have it based on the obvious visual clues that go along with this syndrome. The two families are from the same geographical location in lower Michigan within a 20-mile radius, but they are not related to each other as far as we know.
Statistically speaking, the odds are very low to have that many Down Syndrome people within the same geographic location. We believe the cause of this syndrome to be the age in which the mothers are having children. Amish women do not use birth control methods, so they will continue to have children until they naturally stop.
In the non-Amish community, a mother would be considered high risk and put on specific care plans with testing protocols to determine any genetic deformities within the womb. Amish women in our area only rely on a midwife and are likely not to have testing and follow a high risk care plan.
So far, we have only been treating them for typical pain and mobility ailments instead of focusing directly on the syndrome. The older girl is in her mid-twenties and unable to communicate verbally. She understands the Amish Pennsylvania Dutch, but she doesn’t understand English. They have no plan to teach her English. I reported in a previous post that her sister was assigned to be her caretaker, and this was a constant challenge as she would refuse everything asked of her all day long. Bobbi Jo performed one treatment with our tuning fork vibration therapy focusing on draining the fluid pressure from the cranium which has changed her behavior dramatically after the first treatment. She has been back twice since then and the good behavior remains. She appears to enjoy the treatments and communicates the areas of pain by tapping on Bobbi Jo’s arm and putting her hand on the spot of pain. When she is no longer in pain, she will look directly at Bobbi Jo and smile before getting off the bed.
Due to the volume of Amish clients coming in with their entire family, we are able to see patterns and track results better than we ever have in the past. This is a very good opportunity to see the results to long-term treatments on ailments, conditions, and syndromes where we have no expectations of resolving birth-related genetic conditions. Even if something cannot be resolved because of a birth deformity, they still has normal aches, pains, and conditions like everyone else. Physical biologic processes do not change so neither will our tuning fork vibration therapy response.

Disclaimer Information

The names we use are not the real names for the clients. We will not take before or after pictures of our Amish clients. The information we share is for awareness and should not be used for scientific study nor do we ever make a “claim” of a cure for a specific ailment. Our experiences are likely not to follow traditional results from the medical community, and it is our goal to show you something different. We are, in fact, experiencing extra-ordinary results to show that vibrational therapy can do things previously thought as permanent conditions.

The Amish community is unique because of their lifestyle, but we see some of the same conditions as the “English” non-Amish clients. Some of those things have really surprised us and will likely surprise you as well. Bobbi Jo works on entire families from newborns to elderly (90+) to include pre and post natal care. We work on members of the family weekly to resolve many conditions. We will provide more details in the following case studies. Please take what you can from our case studies. If you do not believe what we post, then come and see for yourself rather than entering into a debate with no constructive discussion. There is something new and different happening here, and we hope you are willing to come along for this journey with us.

Finally, NEHC Academy is a training part of New Earth Healing Center, so we make some of our income from training the methods, techniques, and protocols we use in our own business. We generally do not provide step-by-step actions on how we do something we report in our posts. We have given away a lot of free training and videos, but keep in mind that some information requires in-depth training in anatomy and physiology rather than a paint-by-numbers protocol. Also, not all of the results we experience are just from VFRT and VCT therapies. We have an entire suite of therapeutic unique techniques that we use for specific purposes that will end up being part of a full suite of techniques in the near future.