Chakra Balancing and Alignment Session

What is Chakra Balancing?

We use Tibetan Singing Bowls as the main vibration method to balance chakras. Your body has seven major chakra centers from the base of the spine to the top of your head, and these energy centers spin slower over time due to stress and ailments within the body.

Chakras spin naturally in a clockwise manner similar to a top or a car tire. When a chakra loses energy below a certain level, it will start to wobble and cause a cascade of health effects in the body. Chakras can be balanced by supplying vibrational energy directly into the chakra cone near the physical body which will provide a boost of energy to spin the chakra faster. Once a chakra spins above a minimum threshold, it is considered in balance and no longer wobbling.

What is Chakra Alignment?

Our Tibetan Singing Bowls provide continuous vibrational energy into specific locations on the body to lower your brainwave state into a Theta frequency range required for meditation and light sleep. When your body reaches this Theta state, your central nervous system disengages which allows continuous stress responses to also disengage. Continuous vibrations after this point helps the nervous system on the right and left sides of the body fire in sync with each other for a more coherent and efficient operation. Balancing and Alignment both occur within the same session using our unique methods.

What happens in a Chakra Balancing and Alignment Session?

A session typically lasts for 20 to 30 minutes depending on how long it takes your body to relax. We place several Tibetan Singing Bowls around and on the body in specific locations designed to interact with your chakras and central nervous system. You will be fully clothed and lay on a comfortable massage table usually on your back. We will chime or sing Tibetan bowls matched to frequencies known to cause your chakras to vibrate in sync with each singing bowl.

What do clients usually experience during a session?

Most clients reach a deep meditative state with a wide range of incredible experiences, and we can help guide you into a deep relaxation state with visualization techniques. Our main goal is to relax the body enough to provide maximum healing for a prolonged effect. You do not need knowledge in chakras or the body’s energy system, and you do not need knowledge and experience in meditation. Your body will know what to do, and we can help guide you into deeper state of relaxation.