Case Study: Slurred Speech, stuttering, and a lisp.

Bobbi Jo worked on three different Amish boys in the past month and resolved all of these issues. They were from three different families as well. One boy had a lisp where his “Fs” came out as “Ps”. He is “Poor years old”. One boy had a speech slurred with the letter “S”. He can now repeat the phrase “Sally sells seashells by the seashore” which he does constantly around the house. With the lisp, Bobbi Jo worked on the area below the bottom jaw in the muscles of the tongue. She found a lot of fluid pressure and released it. The stuttering boy was a teenager who was so embarrassed that he stopped talking. Once he received his one treatment, he practiced in his room for a few days and came out talking normally again. Each of these things had physiology in common with fluid pressure. She performs the same type of work on all of them to drain the fluid pressure in the brain, drain the fluid from the neck, release the sinus pressure from the auditory system, and worked on the throat as well. All symptoms in these cases were relieved in one treatments and we have confirmation that no symptoms has returned since the first treatment. The boy with the speech lisp needed some “retraining” to hear the pronunciation of “F” before he could say it. There was definitely a connection with hearing associated with this case.