Breech Pregnancy Case Study

We have an update on our Amish pregnant mother with a breach baby. The midwife was able to move the baby into the correct birthing position following Bobbi Jo’s tuning fork vibration therapy treatments. She is due November 1st, and the baby was in a breech position when Bobbi Jo started performing vibration therapy treatments on her September 29th where she stated that her midwife told her that the baby would not turn prior to delivery and they needed to discuss a C-section delivery. She refused to consider this form of delivery and opted for our vibration therapy instead. During the first treatment, Bobbi Jo noticed that the rib cage was “bent” different than normal and it felt like the baby was up underneath the rib cage. The mother said that so much pressure on the stomach that she would throw up after eating. 

After Bobbi Jo relieved the tension on the rib cage, the baby started moving immediately in a different way. The mother said that it felt like “all arms and elbows” like the baby was attempting to turn. After the first treatment, the midwife determined the baby was still in a breach position, but the mother could breathe much easier and keep her food down. After each subsequent treatment, the sides and lower abdomen were loosened by the tuning forks and each time the baby would appear to be attempting to turn with a lot of movement. Yesterday, the midwife took her to another midwife who was a retired doctor with an ultrasound machine. While one midwife used the ultrasound machine to determine position, the other midwife used “gentle hand pressure” to easily turn the baby. Both midwives were interested in knowing what treatments she was receiving because they remarked on the increase in space and reduced tension required to move the baby into a birthing position. 

Neither midwife had ever experienced a mother loosen the abdomen enough for a baby to turn as the delivery date approaches. Usually everything tightens even more, and the midwife in this case was ready to schedule the C-section delivery since there were no other options. The baby was moved into the right position for a normal delivery.

New update: The mother delivered her baby a few weeks ago with no issues. The baby is healthy. 

Disclaimer Information

The names we use are not the real names for the clients. We will not take before or after pictures of our Amish clients. The information we share is for awareness and should not be used for scientific study nor do we ever make a “claim” of a cure for a specific ailment. Our experiences are likely not to follow traditional results from the medical community, and it is our goal to show you something different. We are, in fact, experiencing extra-ordinary results to show that vibrational therapy can do things previously thought as permanent conditions.

The Amish community is unique because of their lifestyle, but we see some of the same conditions as the “English” non-Amish clients. Some of those things have really surprised us and will likely surprise you as well. Bobbi Jo works on entire families from newborns to elderly (90+) to include pre and post natal care. We work on members of the family weekly to resolve many conditions. We will provide more details in the following case studies. Please take what you can from our case studies. If you do not believe what we post, then come and see for yourself rather than entering into a debate with no constructive discussion. There is something new and different happening here, and we hope you are willing to come along for this journey with us.

Finally, NEHC Academy is a training part of New Earth Healing Center, so we make some of our income from training the methods, techniques, and protocols we use in our own business. We generally do not provide step-by-step actions on how we do something we report in our posts. We have given away a lot of free training and videos, but keep in mind that some information requires in-depth training in anatomy and physiology rather than a paint-by-numbers protocol. Also, not all of the results we experience are just from VFRT and VCT therapies. We have an entire suite of therapeutic unique techniques that we use for specific purposes that will end up being part of a full suite of techniques in the near future.