Hearing Issues Case Study

Over the past few months, we have worked with three Amish girls who had extreme hearing reduction on one or both ears. One girl is 8 years old and had reduced hearing in one ear for about a year after a sickness last Fall. Another girl (13) experienced the same condition from a sickness about two weeks ago. With both girls, they said it sounded like they were under water which caused them to talk louder. The level of audio reduction was so great that if they plugged the other ear they could not make out what someone was saying. Bobbi Jo worked on both girls for one session and focused on draining the interstitial fluid pressure in the neck using weighted tuning forks in a unique technique found in our Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) and soon to be released technique for releasing cranial pressure through tuning fork vibration therapy focusing on the cranial sutures. Once the fluid pressure was released, both girls found relief within 24 hours after the first session where the auditory system cleared with a popping sound and full restoration of their hearing in an instance. Both girls have experienced full hearing ever since their ear drainage opens back up. The third girl had complete hearing loss since the age of three following continuous ear infections and sickness since infancy.

Eventually, she started talking louder with slurring of speech until complete hearing loss from the age of 4. She is now 14 years old and experiences speech and symptoms consistent with total hearing loss. She has never been to a doctor, diagnosed, or treated for hearing loss. She did receive chiropractic treatments with no success.

During the first session, Bobbi Jo drained the fluid in her neck then called out the girl’s name. She immediately turned toward Bobbi Jo in shock and surprise at hearing words for the first time in over 10 years. Her mother was standing their watching the events, and she turned to Bobbi Jo and said, “she can hear you, can’t she.” After confirmation from Bobbi Jo, the mother immediately turned and walked off to the bathroom so nobody could see her cry. This is a common thing among the Amish community to hide crying. Her husband was called to the bedroom where they spent some time collecting themselves before returning to the main room.

This session gave them hope that she could possibly have her hearing returned and that it was not permanent. It might take several sessions and additional techniques to remove more fluid and remove any barriers that have been in place over the years. Removing fluid pressure in the auditory system usually takes time because as the fluid in the neck is released, then more fluid from above eventually moves down to fill in the spaces. We will also perform our Vibrational ChronoTherapy Technique (VCT) auditory tracking method on her after she starts to regain more hearing and most of the fluid has been removed. This method focuses on re-aligning or synchronizing the sensory inputs from both the visual and auditory systems using unweighted tuning forks. This is important since her sensory processing systems have not been synchronized for over 10 years, and this will help her regain proper speech as well. VCT training and certification is currently available for free on our NEHC Academy website.

We do see the same hearing loss in our non-Amish families, and the results have been the same for their sessions as well. In almost every case, the client’s ear “popped” immediately during the session with fully restored hearing. In some client’s, however, the fluid still continues to collect in the spaces around the ears due to constant sickness or allergies. We believe that hearing can be restored fully to anyone who loses hearing due to infection, and we also believe that hearing can be restored for damage done from heavy impact noises. We will keep you posted on girl with complete hearing loss in further case studies.

Disclaimer Information

The names we use are not the real names for the clients. We will not take before or after pictures of our Amish clients. The information we share is for awareness and should not be used for scientific study nor do we ever make a “claim” of a cure for a specific ailment. Our experiences are likely not to follow traditional results from the medical community, and it is our goal to show you something different. We are, in fact, experiencing extra-ordinary results to show that vibrational therapy can do things previously thought as permanent conditions.

The Amish community is unique because of their lifestyle, but we see some of the same conditions as the “English” non-Amish clients. Some of those things have really surprised us and will likely surprise you as well. Bobbi Jo works on entire families from newborns to elderly (90+) to include pre and post natal care. We work on members of the family weekly to resolve many conditions. We will provide more details in the following case studies. Please take what you can from our case studies. If you do not believe what we post, then come and see for yourself rather than entering into a debate with no constructive discussion. There is something new and different happening here, and we hope you are willing to come along for this journey with us.

Finally, NEHC Academy is a training part of New Earth Healing Center, so we make some of our income from training the methods, techniques, and protocols we use in our own business. We generally do not provide step-by-step actions on how we do something we report in our posts. We have given away a lot of free training and videos, but keep in mind that some information requires in-depth training in anatomy and physiology rather than a paint-by-numbers protocol. Also, not all of the results we experience are just from VFRT and VCT therapies. We have an entire suite of therapeutic unique techniques that we use for specific purposes that will end up being part of a full suite of techniques in the near future.