2-day Singing Bowl Certification Class March 7-8

Class Type:

This is a live 2-day class held at our NEHC Academy Training Facility in Jackson, Michigan, USA.

Saturday: 9am to 4pm and Sunday: 9am to 2pm

A New Earth Singing Bowl Certification will be awarded at the end of the 2-day class.

Class Cost:

A one-time full payment of $400 USD due at registration.   

Payments are made through credit card using a PayPal payment portal. You are not required to have an existing account in PayPal. A “guest” account can be used for tuition payments. 


There are no pre-requisites for this class. Students do not need any prior knowledge of Singing Bowls.

Class Content:

This class will focus on using Tibetan-style singing bowls for relaxation and meditation during a client session. At NEHC, we focus our singing bowls around the client’s head to create a specially designed “sound bubble” to help the client focus for relaxation and meditation. 

We will teach you how to place three to five singing bowls in specific configurations to sing or chime the bowls for a typical 45-minute session. We teach how to actually “sing” a bowl throughout most of the session to provide a better experience and consistent sound quality necessary for deep relaxation. 

Students will be able to practice the methods and techniques on other students throughout the weekend with the guidance of the Trainer.

NEHC Academy has the right to modify any part of training based on the needs of the class.

Travel and Lodging:

All costs for travel and lodging are the responsibility of the student. Class ends at 2pm on Sunday, so please schedule your return flight accordingly.

Location: New Earth Healing Center and NEHC Academy are located within the Commonwealth Commerce Center at 209 E Washington Ave, Jackson, MI 49201 in Suite 340-D. The nearest commercial airport is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport located on I-94 approximately 59 miles from our office. A rental car is recommended if you are traveling by air.

Lodging: There are several popular brand hotels at I-94 Exit 138 (M-50 W/US-127 N) or Exit 137 at Airport Rd. Our office is within 10 to 12 miles of both these exits.

Required Equipment:

There is no required equipment for this class. NEHC Academy will supply all of the equipment for class including workbooks, notebooks, a highlighter, and pen for taking notes. Students can wait until after training to purchase the right sets of singing bowls for this technique. 

NEHC is not a singing bowl supplier or distributor, and we generally do not sell products during a class to our students. We may, from time-to-time, have singing bowls available for sale. However, students are not required to purchase any equipment from NEHC. 

Cancellation Policy:

NEHC Academy may cancel the class due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Michigan is located in a cold-weather climate with unpredictable weather patterns in the winter months (November through March). In the event of a class cancellation, NEHC Academy staff will update all students as soon as possible. All deposits and class payments will be transferred to the next available class for both a cancellation from NEHC Academy or the student. NEHC Academy and New Earth Healing Center LLC are not responsible for any fees incurred by the student for last minute class cancellation.

No Refund Policy:

Payment of class tuition or deposits are non-refundable but transferable to the next training event of the same type.